1. M

    Need Help Archiving Live Updates

    Hello members, As a lot of new members such as myself, I am quite green in my macros abilities. To cut to the chase... I have linked some live updates from the web in my excel spreadsheet. However, I would like to archive the data every 15 minutes and list it in each subsequent column. The...
  2. G

    Search a substring within a text string

    Hi, I have a database of different company names and their respective stock symbols (spreadsheet 1) and in another spreadsheet I have company name and descriptions (spreadsheet 2) that aren't exactly written the same way as they are in my initial database. I would like to try to use some parts...
  3. D

    disable check box based on other checkbox

    Access 365 Within my main form f_pac, I have 3 check boxes (USA, Canada, Combined) I need to have them enabled/disabled. If either USA or Canada is checked then disable Combined. and if Combined is checked disable USA and Canada. How can I do this?
  4. S

    Returning text from the end of a string

    Hi In column "L" I have a list of cities/countries: Toronto, Ont., Canada Montreal, Que., Canada Toronto, Ont., Canada Manchester, England, United Kingdom New York City, New York, United States Frankfurt, Germany Abuja, Nigeria Frankfurt, Germany Manchester, England, United Kingdom Doha, Qatar...
  5. detriez

    Merge two SUM(COUNTIFS( formulas

    These two formulas work independently but I cant figure out how to put them together I'm trying to count the status values AND Countries =SUM(COUNTIFS(Table6[Lead Status],{"Open","Suspect","Working - Attempted","Working - Connected"})) =SUM(COUNTIFS(Table6[Country],{"United States","Canada"}))...
  6. L

    Excel Formula or Macros - Distance Between Two Postal Codes

    Hi, I'm from Canada & I'm trying to see if there is a formula or macros I can use to calculate the distance (KM) between two postal codes. A1 - Postal Code 1 B1 - Postal Code 1 C1 - Distance (KM) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laurinda
  7. W

    New worksheet per country

    I have a spreadsheet of all the major cities in the world along with the country and city population, so 3 columns (City, country, population) and thousands of rows. I want to stick each country onto it's own worksheet, so copy the rows that are for Canada along with the cities and pop columns...
  8. L

    Calculating Speed

    Hello. I am looking for a formula to calculate how far you travel in ONE SECOND at both 40 KPH and 60 KPH. Yes Kilometers Per Hour. I am in Canada!!
  9. A

    Distinct Values in a Column

    I can't seem to figure this out or find an already posted solution - any help would be amazing! My dilemma - if the names below were in a column (approx 1,500 rows) I need a column beside them showing a 1 or a 0 ONLY once to note if the value is unique. Is there a formula I can use for this...
  10. O

    Count Text from Multi-Select Drop-Down List

    I have a column for each record where a multi-select drop-down list displays various countries. I would like to count the number of selections (in this case countries) that each row has selected. Example: Row 2 has the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa selected in B2 and Row 3...
  11. H

    Excel VBA: Subroutine + Searching column in WS1 for matching data in WS2, then tallying results in WS2

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a list of specific aircraft from Air Canada that have NOT been in accidents. The aircraft organization name is in my worksheet titled "RawData" (Row K), the aircraft registration #s are in my worksheet titled "RawData" (Row C), the Air Canada registration #s...
  12. I

    Grouping Customs Column into PowerPivot

    Hi all I have the following input data that I need to be able to group them into Output PowerPivot 1 and Output PowerPivot 2. The below example is just a simplified version but I would have thousands of row and different column. Could you please help to suggest a method. Really thanks...
  13. D

    Clear contents of cells based on the values of adjacent cells

    Hi, I am writing a VBA code to automatically clean up some excel reports I run on a regular basis and I have a situation where I am stuck. Column J of my data contains Country Names and column K of my data has State Names. Here's what I need: If the values in column J are not equal to either...
  14. P

    Look up Canadian Postal Codes Using Street Address

    I have an Excel database that contains over 3000 Canadian street addresses, but I am missing the postal codes for these addresses. Is there anyway to automatically look up the postal codes for all of these addresses? Please HELP!!! Thanks
  15. D

    Holiday Calculations

    Does anyone know how to calculate a national holiday from year to year. In canada Victoria day falls on the monday on or before the 25th of may. PLease help

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