1. C

    Data Validation CAPS and LIMIT

    Is there a way to set a Data Validation to CAPS and LIMIT meaning I'm using Excel, Data Validation, Custom, =AND(EXACT(A3,UPPER(A3)),ISTEXT(A3)) this makes everything CAP. But I also want to limit how many charters allowed in this area meaning 10 or less... so far I figured out how to do one...
  2. D

    Uppercase Column

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is possible or not, but I figured that if anyone knew, it'd be someone on here. Is there a way to make an entire column UPPERCASE without the use of VBA? I am trying to avoid turning an xlsx into an xlsm. Specifically, Column E is a yes/no column and should contain...
  3. rjplante

    Uppercase date format

    I am trying to use VBA to enter the date in a dd-mmm-yyyy format with the month in all caps (05-SEP-2018). I have a merged cell C4:D4 and I have the cell custom formated as dd-mmm-yyyy (easy), but no matter what I try I cannot seam to get the month to display in all caps. I have the code below...
  4. P

    Simple 'Dispensing' program

    Hi all, I want to create a very simple dispensing program. I have an excel listing of medications - see below. I want to be able to do a 'wildcard' search for a particular medication and then be able to enter the quantity dispensed. The quantity dispensed should be added to the cumulative total...
  5. I

    VLook Up Help

    I got a pivot table and I want to be able to vlook up multiple Rows. Right now I have it like this so simple VLOOKUP. Ex. =VLOOKUP(A2,A:D,3,false) which would give me $718.15. <tbody> Category Item WK1 WK2 Aprons(Blue Sownedge) Aprons $718.15 $977.76 Boots(Lite) Boots $115.81...
  6. C

    I need to sort a Cryptocurrency table on a field that has numbers entered as Text. How do I do this?

    I am importing this table into Excel using Power Query. The column named Market Cap is entered as Text. All caps greater than 1 Billion are Large Caps, < 1 billion and > 200 million are mid caps and < 200 million are small caps. I need to either...
  7. V

    Extract all words from one table written with all caps and put in other excel sheet

    Hello! I have a sheet containing rows with data. In the B column of each row there is a word written, sometimes with small caps, sometimes with all caps and sometimes with both. I would like excel to automatically (without button) show the B and D column of rows containing only all caps words in...
  8. O

    Delete all cell data that is not all CAPS

    Does anyone know how to delete all cell data that is not all CAPS and leave everything that is all CAPS? Ive tried these two pieces of code I found online, but neither works. The first clears everything and the second deletes the blank rows only. Thanks Sub Delete_Cells_Without_Caps() Dim k...
  9. B

    IF Formula replacement instead of using EXACT

    I have an IF formula I've been using that uses EXACT function in it, so anytime something was in CAPS and it matched a cell it would come back with a 2. If it matched but wasn't caps it would be 1. Then those numbers would be tallied. I wanted to see if maybe there was another array I could...
  10. C

    Advanced formula / function

    Good morning all. I am new to this forum so hope that this makes sense to you! I am trying to work out a commission/bonus model and want Excel to provide me with how much commission we should pay based on certain criteria - which includes a capped amount. We have 2 potential models to work...
  11. K

    Problem Forcing ALL CAPS in Column - Security Free Message Continues to Come Up

    I am trying to get all entries in Column D of a single worksheet to capitalize. I am trying this code in the "ThisWorkbook" area of the spreadsheet. Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Column = 4 Then Target = UCase(Target) End Sub Yet, when I...
  12. T

    Search String not ignoring CAPS

    how can i make the following code return results for words in UPPERCASE the same as lowercase At the moment if the string includes the word Test it finds "Test" but not "test" for instance or it finds "Test" not "TEST" Private Sub TextBoxSearchItemList_Change() Application.ScreenUpdating =...
  13. motherteresa

    All Caps Code Help

    I have this All Caps code which works great. But, it also turns all emails on the worksheet into caps, which I don't want. Question: Is there a way to have it work on everything except emails and web addresses? or Is there a way to have it work on everything except certain cells? Thank you...
  14. T

    VBProper for first word in a string

    Private Sub Description_Change() Description.Value = StrConv(Description.Value, vbProperCase) End Sub I have this code working fine of previouse post but i want now to do it for the first word in the box on the user form. "This Is How It Currently Changes It" "This is how i want...
  15. L

    filter or remove pieces of sequences

    I have a column with thousands of rows like this: actgctgattgATGGCTGRSTYGG etc., i.e. about 1000 lowercase letters followed by hundreds of capitals always starting with ATG. I need to remove anything from the ATG on (i.e. all capitals) so that only lowercase letters remain in the column...

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