case insensitive

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    Case insensitive

    Can anybody help me? Example: I want the word "the" it must be able to copy any word with "the" inside. Like, These, tHEsE, ThE, thEresa would be copied. The code looks like this.. Sub NonSensitive() Dim rCell As Range For iCntr = 1 To 30 For Each rCell In Range("I1:I10")...
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    Campore 2 cells (want non-case sensitive)

    Hello, I have data set up on 2 sheets (each cell similar to 12345MD, and right now I am using an If statement like this: If Cell1 = Cell2 Then Do stuff This requires the text in each cell to be an EXACT match. I would like to be able to have the condition return true regardless of case...
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    Current UDF - Compare two text strings make not case senstive

    I use these two UDFS to find the differences between two strings of text, i would be great if they were case insensitive. If anyone knows how to change these ones or has a better UDF for comparing two text strings ( like with options for choosing different / multiple seperators etc that would...
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    Replace Name with Unique ID in a List of participants

    Hi - I have a 1000+ list of participants and their organizations. I want to replace the value i column B with the Unique ID in column D, IF and only IF it is a match between column B and column C: I´ve two problems: 1) My VBA-code is case sensitive which is wrong. Should be => case...
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    Case Insensitive Search

    I have the code below that takes the user input from a text box "strtraveler" (a traveler number typicall looks like 12345p678and finds what the user inputs on the sheet and moves it to another area then deletes it from its previous area. This is case sensitive and I don't want it to be...

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