case sensitive

  1. F

    Case-sensitive VLOOKUP in Excel

    Hello, I'm currently using excel 365, I'm trying to find a "look up" formula that will recognize text case.
  2. S

    How to get Exact Matches in a Column

    I need a column like this "Exact Match" column where only the duplicate values where the match is exact (Case sensitive) shows True. Please help. Name Exact Match Coca Cola Bottlers Japan Inc FALSE Coca Cola East Japan Co TRUE Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc FALSE Coca Cola East Japan...
  3. J

    Like Function without Case Sensitivity for String Searches

    Hi All, I have a file with a LOT of data, particularly names, so I wrote a quick search macro that opens and closes the columns based on the entry from the user so they don't have to scroll through thousands of columns. It works wonderfully, and is actually pretty quick for the amount of...
  4. E

    find value of first cell in range containing uppercase chracter

    Hi there, I'm looking for a way to find the value of the first cell in a range that contains an uppercase character. So it should give 'B' for a range of "a,c,d,a,B,c,a" and D for a range of "c,c,a,a,a,a,D". A solution without VBA would be preferred ;-) Thanks in advance, Erik
  5. H

    Search text in powerpoint slides

    Dear All I have to search slides in presentation "400.pptx" which contains a word , lets say "pumping". I have developed user form in power point "Sel_ppt..pptm". IN the user form, user can enter any word and the macro is searching slides in 400.ppt. If there is any slide containining "pumping"...
  6. E

    How to make a lookup Case Sensitive

    Hi, I am working on combining a list based on an unique Account ID's. But the formula needs to be case sensitive. I have tried the following formula but continue to get an error no matter what I do. I have never used an index formula before so this might be an easy fix that I am just not...
  7. H

    Search function suddenly case-sensitive?

    Greetings all, I've been a frequent visitor here over the past few months, so I'd like to start by saying thanks to all who answer these types of questions. Ya'll have been quite helpful, even to those who didn't ask the question :D The official question: Would there be some trigger that could...
  8. R

    Case Sensitive Duplicate Values

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to find case sensitive duplicate values (0001678bv5 and 0001678bV5 are NOT duplicates) in Excel? I don't want to delete these values, I only want them highlighted. I found a formula to input in the conditional formatting tool, but I must be missing something...
  9. B

    Case Sensitive Duplicate Removal in Array

    Hi, I have a data range in columns A:G. I want to remove data in each row in columns A:G based on duplicate values in column G. The following code works well to remove duplicates in column G alone however I want to remove the data in all columns of the row with the duplicate value. Any help...
  10. A

    Case Sensitive Joints in Access

    Hi, I have two tables in Access and both have a primarykey with unique values called 'ID'. But this field has unique values only if you consider case sensitivity. For eg, it might have both 'aa' and 'AA' as values in it. My data is such that I want to consider these as different values (aa <>...
  11. P

    Conditional formatting formula that is case sensitive

    Hello, I am trying to highlight cells that contain anything other that a capital "Y" or capital "N". this is what I have so far, it's working but it is not case sensitive =NOT(OR(A1="Y",A1="N")). I tried using CHAR(ASCII#) and also tried to nest the FIND function but could not get them to work...
  12. S

    Error handling in vba

    Hi all, Please find below some code that I've pulled together. I have 2 questions: 1. What I would like to see happen is that when an invalid date is entered that after the error message pops up is that the code resumes from where the user is asked to enter the date details. How can I ge...
  13. already

    split and join data case sensitive

    Hi I have a large data base with 8 columns (imported from the web) The data consists of names in uppercase and titles in propercase. The name could be in 1,2 or 3 columns and also the titels coud be spread in more columns. The goal is to join the uppercase words in one cell and the...
  14. N

    SUMIFS Excel 2007 with wild cards & case sensitivity

    I have a table in which i want to search for the values whose first two characters are ignored and the third character should be "A" in upper case. If someone can help urgently. Thank you.

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