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    How to Apply Range of Formulas to Each Row in 100 Worksheets

    I have 100 worksheets from a doctor's office. Each row is data from a patient visit. Each cell in a row contains string data about the patient (name, blood pressure, etc.) as well as the date of the exam, diagnositcs, etc. I want to create 100 new worksheets, but with some fairly basic...
  2. B

    Capitalise characters after full stop

    Hi all, I have a bizarre problem. I have a column where each row/cell contains a sentence (or two). These setnatces are currently in proper case (i.e. "They Look Like This"). Really I want the entire string to be lower case unless the character comes after a period/full stop. Example...
  3. H

    Upper/Lower Case in text

    Hi, I have data in cell A1 as below: 36, TREE ROAD, 5TH FLOOR I want it in proper format in cell A2 as below: 36, Tree Road, 5th Floor I used formula =Proper(A1), it gave results as: 36, Tree Road, 5Th Floor The only problem I face is after any number, the next character should in...

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