cash flows

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    Macro to Insert Comments based on Cell Values

    I am a beginner to VBA, actually just learning by googling and recording macros then modifying them, but im stuck over here. It seems like such a simple problem, but arrghhh..its driving me crazy!!! goes... I have a table containing 300 rows and about 30 Columns. It is a typical...
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    Filtering content from one spreadsheet to show it in another

    I am creating an Excel spreadsheet designed to manage my company's accounts. Spreadsheet 1 is used like a bank statement to show payments going in and out of the company's bank account. Spreadsheet 2 is used as a cash flow chart. The sheet sis divided into left and right. Columns on the left...
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    Cash Flow Waterfalls - IRR Hurdles

    I have a set of monthly cash flows that are distributed between investors based on IRR hurdles. The first hurdle is that the Primary Investor receives 100% of the Cash Flow until they have received a 20% return on their $80 Million investment. In the past, I have used interest as a way to...

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