1. L

    Rounding time up to the nearest quarter hour

    I am tracking time for short projects and having trouble with rounding to the nearest quarter hour. I am not sure why, but sometimes projects that are exactly 15 minutes round up to the next quarter hour and sometimes it remains at 15. I would like projects of 15 minutes or less to bill at 15...
  2. S

    Ceiling using VBA code

    I need to add a vba code for ceiling along with vlookup worksheet function. Can anyone please help? This is my code line: Worksheets("sheets").Cells(i, 24).Value = Worksheets("sheets").Cells(i, 21).Value / Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(Worksheets("sheets").Cells(i, 18).Value...
  3. J

    Ceiling not working due to none sequential numbers

    Hi All, I'm trying to produce a ceiling formula to match and identify a row number for indexing. But due to the numbers in column B not having a uniformed spacing between them it is proving very difficult. Maybe there is a better system i should use? Example below: For reference column B is a...
  4. A

    Nested IF(AND Statement - Index Match or Array?

    Hi, I am trying to work out who in my data is eligible for a pay increment. I have a 2 column lookup table $A$2:$B$28 that shows Grade in Column A and Scale Point Ceiling in Column B e.g. Column A GRADE Column B SCALE POINT CEILING Administrator...
  5. R

    Legitimate Glitch with Match function in Excel

    How do I let Microsoft know that there's a glitch in Excel 2010 that needs fixing? This has been replicated across three different computers now. I don't know where to upload the file so I'll just copy paste the results and then the equations for the proof below if you wish to replicate. You...
  6. A

    Userform formulas

    Hi everyone I have a formula as below but it doesn't work: TextBoxE20.Value = Format(WorksheetFunction.Ceiling(Val(WordCount) / Range("$D$22") + WorksheetFunction.Ceiling(Val(WordCount) / Range("$E$22") * 1.15, 0.25)), "0.00") The word 'Ceiling' is highlighted as error. Please could anyone...
  7. B

    Adding Ceiling to IF statement

    Hello: I have a nested IF statement that I want to round up to a multiple of 7.. Since I do not have a specific cell I am referencing and is a calculation instead I am not sure where to place it in the sequence.. Current Formula =IF(A10="x",(MAX(MIN('Market & Holidays'!$I$4,$BG10)-MAX('Market...
  8. P

    Find and Replace in a Formula

    I have 1227 various formulas in an excel spreadsheet that at some point in them have roundup(""),0). Now I need to change every single one of these to be ceiling(""),25) is there a way to do this with the find and replace function? Thanks, Dan
  9. K

    How to round a number DOWN to the nearest "log multiple"?

    I created this formula which magnificently rounds a number UP to the nearest "log multiple" of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 5: =CEILING(B4,10^INT(LOG(4*B4))/2) Now I would like to modify this so that it rounds a number DOWN to the nearest "log multiple" of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 5, so I tried the following...
  10. H

    =CEILING advanced

    Hello there, I am looking for the opposite of the =CEILING formula. My current formula in cell A2 is =CEILING(A1,0.5) Let's say I have a figure of 0.6 in cell A1, the formula rounds it up to 1.0 in cell A2 But what I want is to round it down to 0.5. In effect I just want it to round down to...
  11. P

    Round Prices to nearest Quarter, OR to .99

    I work for a company that has a bit of a strange pricing structure - basically how it works, is there are different membership levels, and each product has a price listed for each level. Example: Retail is $22, Member is $20, Investor is $18, Employee is $15, so on and so forth We have to...
  12. C

    Y axis on line chart with non fixed data set (number of decimals differs every time)

    Hi there, I am trying to build a line chart which is based on a data set which will move over the time. Basically, sometimes my source data will have 4 decimals, sometimes 3, sometimes 2, etc. For example, on a set of data which will have a minimum of 1.3012 and a maximum of 1.4512, I would...
  13. D

    Ceiling - Help!

    There's probably an easy way to do this... I want excel to round up the number typed in to the nearest number thats on the axis of a table i have inputted. The numbers on the axis are as follows:<TABLE style="WIDTH: 48pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0...
  14. D

    Roundup time formula

    I'm trying to roundup my times by half hour, but I cannot get past the date issue. I want the same date, but times are rounded by half hour. 4/12/2010 5:00:51 AM
  15. J

    floor and ceiling: round up and down to nearest multiple of 5

    I have created a spreadsheet for a weight training program. In the sheet, I am using a max lift, then basing the workouts off of a percentage of the max lift. I would like the end number to round up or down to the nearest multiple of 5. For example, have 212 round down to 210, have 213 round...
  16. brettr87

    Floor and Ceiling problem

    Looking for help adjusting my formula in column D (Ceiling) so that instances like D5 would read as 15:15:00 as opposed to 15:00:00. Help is greatly appreciated. Excel...

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