cell colours

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    Problems with Conditinal Formatting

    Greetings:( I have a list of numbers on a worksheet for example on sheet 'NUMBERS' On another sheet I enter a number in column A (example 1234) and column B performs a check if that number is in the list on sheet 'NUMBERS'. If the number 1234 is on the list the cell in B column performs...
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    Excel Online not printing cell colors

    Hi, Hope it is OK to ask a question about Excel online in this forum. I have an excel online spreadsheet uploaded from an Excel 2010 spreadsheet on my PC. It looks and works exactly as intended however when I try to print the tables the background colours I am using in the table cells do not...
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    Manipulation cell colours

    Is it possible to create a formula that looks at a cell (say A20) and if TRUE changes the colour of A22 to green if false to red? Long shot...

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