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    Code to change generate VBA Cell formula

    I am trying to use VBA to automatically take a cell formula and convert it to a string that can be used in VBA to place the formula in a cell. Sorry for my poor explanation. Basically I want to make a simple tool that someone could type in a formula into a cell, use VBA to convert it to a...
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    Modifying a formula from VBA

    I'm very new to VBA and never really used Excel for calculations. That said, I've managed to get some VBA scripting working in a workbook, with the help of a few people from this forum...
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    VBA Error In Cell Formula If Statement

    Hello, I'm trying to apply an if statement with VBA to a cell, but it's not having it. Dim iRow, ingredientRow As Integer iRow = 151 ingredientRow = 60 Cells(iRow, 3).Formula = "=IF(C" & ingredientRow & ">0,C" & ingredientRow & ","")" Running this I get an "Application-defined or...
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    Value of Cell to equal Cell coloured Green when the same row

    Hi Guys, Is there a way of creating a formula to show the value of which ever cell is coloured Green within a the same row I have a Spreadsheet has a column to the right that shows the selected value for each row. This value currently is just a simple =A2 value. A2 is then coloured Green to...
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    Hyperlink formula with dynamic sheet references

    Hello, I hope someone has experience with my next issue. To put your into my problem I shortly describe the situation I`m having: I have a multisheet xls file, most sheets are named as a company. I have foreseen a macro controlled by a button to go from such a sheet to an analysis sheet. This...
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    VBA to copy Cell.Formula to cell comment

    Hi everyone, I have had a shot at some code that will check if a cell in the selected range has a formula and if so add this formula as a text string in the same cell's comments. Public Sub CellFormulaToCellComment() Dim CellInRange As Range 'Dim CellComment as String For Each CellInRange...
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    Cell Reference in Excel Formula

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make a formula to reference a cell based on a solution of another problem. For example, could I do something like this.....? <tbody> A B C D E 1 -2 -3 .11 2 3 -2 .56 3 -1 .18 4 1 .96 5 2 .33 6 3 .85 =if(B6=A2, C6, "") =if(D6=""...
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    Return Arguments in cell formula as an array

    I am having trouble finding a built in function the will allow me to collect a formula from a cell as an array of its arguments. For example, is a cell has "=sum(A1,G4,L3)", i want an array of 3 with values A1, G4, L3. My goal is to be able to change each argument as i please and return the...
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    Nesting the large formula inside a cell formula

    Hey, Needed some help with nesting some formula. Suppose I have a row like this: <pre> A B C D E F 1 apple mango orange guava banana 2 2 4 1 5 5 </pre> a) Now, if I want to return the...
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    Worksheet Change ByVal Formulated Value Change

    Hi there I'm struggling with the following problem and hoping that someone can provide me with some guidance. I'm attempting to use the Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) to call a macro when Target.Address = "$F$25" however the problem is that F25 is a formulated value. Therefore I'm...
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    Run Macro on Change of formula result value in cell

    Hello Excellent people! I have made a macro which is designed to change the colour of some shapes depending on the value in a cell. It all works fine when it runs, but it only runs when I exit the formula bar of the cell. Since the taget cell has a formula in it (basic division of two numbers...
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    Assign Cell Value or Formula From Another Cell

    Hello, I'm using Office 2007 on XP. I am using drop down lists to control the contents of cells. Based on what the user chooses from the drop down menu I would like the cell to either have a value, a formula, or a user entered value put in it. Of course if I put a formula into the cell and...

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