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    Change Tab name based on formula in cell D3 on each sheet

    In every D3 cell I have a date, formatted such as "01-Jan-16." What I want is for the name of each tab to automatically be renamed by pulling this data. The dates in cells D3 are figured by pulling the date in the previous sheet and adding 7 to get the new date (I create a new sheet each...
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    Author Name and User Name - Does anyone know the VBA and cell formulas to use?

    Hey Guys, Probably something that isn't very hard. I have actually found out how to do the User Name. VBA: Username = Environ("UserName") Cell Formula: =Username() This takes care of the Username. I can't, for some reason, find anything online about grabbing the workbook's author(s) name...
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    How to VBA duplicate values per column with various row ranges for many columns

    Hi, I have a challenge related to a excel sheet we are using for personnel planning. Vertically we have several projects with action items listed row by row in the following format: - Project 1 xxxxxx Project management Project Engineering Workshop Shipping Etc. -...
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    A better way than cell formulas linked to other tabs.

    I have a report with a summary tab, and multiple detail tabs. Right now I am using cell formulas to pull information to the summary tab based on a Yes/No field to indicate whether its a key priority or not. All the detail tabs are the same with the exception of the name. The summary tab has a...
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    How to fill series with a formula?

    I need to copy a formula and drag it down several thousand columns. is there a way to make the formula change as you copy down the column like a fill series option? for example, my formula is: =ABS((AVERAGE($J$3:$O$3)-$O$3)/(AVERAGE($J$3:$O$3))) But when I drag it to row 4 it remains the same...
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    Autofilter via Formula - Help needed

    Hi, I was wondering whether you can help me solving a complex Excel Problem (I have XL2003). That is, I want to extract data from a table in a sheet via cell formula and display it in a new sheet. My problem is that I have dynamic criteria. That is, I am looking for a formula (no VBA) that will...
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    Performing Calculations Between Cells with VBA

    From what I've found, I feel as though this might involve the "WorksheetFunction" command, but I'm not certain of the syntax used. This query sort of goes back to my thread about a possible 3-cell circular reference but I didn't include this in the same thread because I wasn't as to whether or...
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    Cell reference: a cell picks up the location to go to from another cell

    Suppose I wish obtain a value from a cell, say AL4. At a later point, I wish it to refer to another number, say AL20. I specify these numbers in another cell, say BX5. In other words, the number after AL can vary, based on what I place into BX5. I'm inclined to write: =+AL(BX5), but this...
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    new to vb programming

    basically looking at "if" name in A4 is this then get data from worksheet #4 row b5 - b20 (b5:b20) and put that data into worksheet#1 at b5 - 20. there are to many variables to put into cell formula. :rofl:

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