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    The Paste Range address

    Hi There, I have a an issue that is proving quite difficult to solve. I have a data input sheet that has cell notes that I want to be preserved with the cell. That is if someone copies data from one cell to another I don't want the cell note to copy. So far I have managed this by overloading...
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    copy Cell Notes to Cell

    Hi, I'm having some trouble copying a Cell's Notes/Comments into another cell and visa versa - Characters beyond 255 are truncated, and - The formatting is lost. I want to display in a new worksheet, the data in all the comment boxes in another worksheet - Currently I'm Using this code...
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    Problem with Error 9 while using files already open

    Hello, I have a macro that should post a note in a cell wheever this is highlighted in red. The content of the note comes from the value at the same location in another file. I have tried running the code with some parts not active and all seems to come from the 'If' statement, notes appear...

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