cell protection

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    Data refresh connection is lost after protecting a worksheet

    Good day, I have an issue where I need to import data into a single column of an excel sheet. Column "B". I have formulas set up to extract to the right of the column. We have had instances of clerical staff typing into and ruining those formulas in the past. I protected only the columns with...
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    CELL.PROTECTION(locked, hidden) Excel 4 Macro - how to use?

    Hello all, I'm new to this board and hope you can help me with this question: I wanted to lock and unlock a cell via Excel function rather than VBA or manually. So I found (at least I think) an Excel 4 macro for that, namely CELL.PROTECTION(locked, hidden) The help says: However, when I...
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    Cell editing permissions

    First of all, thanks for taking the time to read and consider this question! I am very new to using VBA in Excel, and am feeling my way around the language. I have come across a situation in which I am not sure how to approach the problem for a solution. Scenario part 1: I have timesheets...
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    prevent deleting ad text

    Good Afternoon, I was tasked with making a "logbook" document that would act much like pen and paper. I've gotten a macro to add a new line to the top of the worksheet (keeping the most recent entry on top so the user doesn't have to scroll down hundreds of rows to add a new entry). That same...
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    In Excel VBA , is there a way to select specif locked cells, while leaving other locked cells 'unselectable'

    Hello Excel Experts, I have an excel sheet, which is protected. I would like to give the user the ability to select specific locked cells within a sheet while at the same time not allowing them to select other locked cells within the same sheet. Basically i have a small, cell-based calendar...
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    Allow users to edit ranges - dynamic range issue

    Longtime fan, first time poster; apologies if I somehow messed up thread etiquette. Using Excel 2010. For various reasons which aren't worth going into (basically I need to protect/lock an entire table with the exception of one column, but still allow sorting) I need to make use of Excel's...
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    I want to protect ranges of cells or specific cells in a worksheet when the worksheet containing

    the locked and unlocked cell is open/Active. Instead of "globally" protecting the whole worksheets to enable the "Locked" cell formating, I want to still format the cells as locked, but only protect sections, cells or ranges of cells within the worksheet. Thank you!
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    protecting multiple ranges in different sheets

    Hi, Is there a way in which I could protect A1:A5 and C1:C5 in different sheets? It is quite tedious to select multiple ranges like this and allow specific users to edit these ranges and that too in different sheets. Please let me know if there is a better way to do it. Regards, Siddharth
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    Conditionally protecting a cell if it has a certain value

    Hi all, first post here. i'm Wonky1 from winkywankywoo (lol?), and although i've had a little experience with Excel, i'm a complete novice with vba. Using Excel 2007 and Windows Vista, i've been trying to find a way of temporarily protecting a cell if it has a certain value, until a different...
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    :confused:sir, is it possible to lock(protect)sheet except perticular cell. in a sheet there are so many formulas and functions. these functions gives result by chnaging values of perticular cell so other cells should be protected from user. :) thanks shrikant sinnur
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    Cell Formatting, Copy from other formatted worksheet

    I would like to protect the formatting of some cells where I copy data from another worksheet but don't want that particular format in the current worksheet. How do I do this? I have tried Conditional Formatting but this doesn't work. I just want to enter in text and not change the template...

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