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    VBE Macro to Change Cell Themes in a Row Relative to a String of Text

    I explain what I want the macro to do in the picture and provide a basic layout of how the sheets are exported from an internet application. I wrote a macro to format the sheets from an unreadable formatting to a user-friendly format. However, I cannot figure out how to change the whole row's...
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    Cell Style Groupings

    When I create a new cell style it goes in a group called "custom". Is it possible to create different group(s) for holding user created cell styles - i.e, how built in styles are grouped Title & Headings, Number Format, Good, Bad and Neutral, etc? Either at style creation or using vba Thanks...
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    New Lines in Tables have Cell Styles

    Hello all! I've got a small issue on Excel 2010. I have created a table and some custom cell styles. I've noticed that each row I create in said table, copies the custom cell styles of the first row I ever created (that row now contains different cell styles, but the cell styles being copied...
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    Make cell style for all workbooks

    I made a few cell styles pretty easily that I planned to use for all of my spreadsheets. How can you have a cell style show up in the cell style dialog box in all spreadsheets, not just the ones that have that style? I see that you can paste in a group of cells with those styles, but I'd like...
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    new cell styles - not persistent

    I successfully created some cell styles, but they are not available the next time I launch excel 2007. Any ideas?

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