cell value change

  1. S

    Empty cell values when another cell value changes in Table environment

    Hi I have a Named Table "T_1" that follows the pattern below: <tbody> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 Header1 Header2 Header3 Header4 4 Val1-a to empty when val1-a changes to empty when val1-a changes to empty when val 1-a changes 5 Val2-a val2-a1 to empty when val2-b...
  2. R

    Create Macro to change a specific ( variable ) cell value to a new value found in another cell.

    I'm pretty new at excel macro's but this is what I'm trying to do. Any help is appreciated. I need to create a command button macro to take a value from a fixed cell address and enter the data at another variable cell address that is entered at a fixed cell address. ie.<o:p class=""...
  3. oldeirish

    VBA To Copy Data Particular To Separate Worksheet Based On Cell Value

    Hi, My workbook has contains two sheets that are used as follows. The first sheet (Current Data Source) downloads data from a remote database into 6 columns of data. The next week, I transfer this data (using VBA code) into another worksheet, with same six columns called Previous Data Source...
  4. S

    Run macro on cell value change - cell is not active cell

    I want to run a macro whenever certain cell values change. About a month ago I was attempting to run the macro when the formula in a cell changed the cell value, but ran into problems that I couldn't solve, even with the help of MrExcel. I think because the macro kept changing various cells and...
  5. J

    Record Cell Value Change

    I need a function that records the number of times a cell in a worksheet has a value change. For example if cell J5 has the value 6 entered and that cell value is changed to 15 this would be recorded as 1 in the cell using the function. If that Cell value is then changed to 11, the cell change...
  6. S

    Change values in cell via VB

    Hello, I have a requirement wherein: Values in A1 will be entered by users. So if in the adjacent column B1 the status is approved, the entered value stays. Now the value entered in A2 is rejected in B2, then A2 should become blank (the highlighted one). <TABLE style="WIDTH: 144pt...
  7. S

    Change value in an adjacent cell

    Hello, I would like to change the value in a cell to blank if the adjacent cell has value as rejected. Approved and Rejected are drop down list entries. This has to be done for a range of columns. Any help is appreciated. A B <TABLE style="WIDTH: 96pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE...
  8. J

    Run a Macro Every Time Cell Value Changes

    I am trying to have a macro run every time a cell value changes in column M. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. H

    Tax Rate Cell

    Hi, I have in cell A3 a value for Tax rate (0.037216), and in b5 I have a formula to calculate the tax for the purchase price =A5*A3/100. The tax rate might change after a month or so, how can the user, who is an old man, change the value in A3 without affecting the already calculated cells...
  10. F

    If cell value is changed then call macro

    I would like to call up a macro if a cell value is changed. This should be an easy one I am just having trouble getting the code together. Thanks in advance!

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