1. J

    VBA reference active cell

    Want to add a reference to the cellrange of the active cell. This code debugs... sub cellref() dim ac as range ac = activecell.name end sub
  2. S

    Conditional Formatting removal

    Hi everyone I am having difficulties using some code I got on a a thread to replce conditional formatting with the result of the conditional formatting, I needed to use this as leaving the formatting in place was draining the resources on my laptop. The code I found did work and I managed to get...
  3. B

    Excel VBA Solver Looping Multiple Columns but not updating References

    Dear All, The VBA code runs but Solver references doesn't update properly. In Col I Solver only remembers Col Q references plus Range(H92:Q92) doesn't zero out. <title>Excel Jeanie HTML</title>******> <!-- ######### Start Created Html Code To Copy ########## --> RES Var...
  4. pedie

    Cell referencing error, need help. Thank you

    a1 = datas!a7 when sheet datas, a7 has no value it show 0. can we eliminate this and show nothing when sheet datas, a7 has no value??? Thanks again!;)

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