1. montecarlo2012

    VBA A code within a loop

    Hi. I have a dynamic array at B3:G2650 and in A3:A20 the numbers from 1 to 17. The double-code uploaded here return the coefficient trend line results at J3:Q10 respectively in this frame and the other just highlight the first row of the array on the report. Until here everything is fine. The...
  2. B

    Date values

    I have a cell containing today's date and formatted as 14 mars 2019. When assigning this value to a variable, it returns as 3/14/19. How do I get excel to assign the proper value? DateToday = Cells(4, 4).Value
  3. M

    Copy and paste value automatically on finding matching value

    Hi all, Here's some code which is frustrating me! The last part of the macro RowRead below does not paste the value to the selected cell. When I click in the selected cell manually it works. I need the macro to achieve this automatically, any suggestions or solutions. All answers gratefully...
  4. B

    VBA Find populated cells and pull header

    Hello, I am struggling to find a solid method to find the populated cells in a row. In the capacity planning below I have a table of seat numbers and dates as headers. I want to find the daterange in every row. When there is only one daterange without blank cells in between I can do this with...
  5. A

    Type Mismatch Error When calling Sub

    Hi I have a procedure that runs fine when I run it standalone but when I call it from another sub it generates a Type Mismatch Error (run time error 13) For i = 4 To ColNum Cells(8, i).Value = Cells(4, i) / Cells(5, i) 'calculate standardized Sheets("Probit").Cells(11, i).Value =...
  6. S

    Timestamp without Worksheet_Change

    Hello- Trying to figure out how to do a timestamp that can be embedded within a macro (so I don't have to copy it to every sheet). Here's the coding I was running as a Worksheet_Change thanks Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) With Application .EnableEvents =...
  7. S

    Worksheet_change Timestamp in Macro

    Hello- So I have three Macros that create sheets- Macro 1 creates "Noon" or Sheet1. Macro 2 creates "Noon#" which is essentially a copy of "Noon" and whatever number and can be near infinite. Macro 3 creates "Arrival" which is the summation of the info from all of the noons. Anyway, I wrote a...
  8. S

    Store value from custom function

    I have a custom function that finds the coefficients of a quadratic equation and I am trying to find a way to declare as variable. Here is what I tried so far. I have a version of this macro that works, but it does so by manipulating the worksheet. I am trying to make all the calculation...
  9. S

    VBA Time Stamp Stack Error

    Thanks for helping Teaching myself VBA and I keep getting a run time stack error on one of my sheets and it always highlights the same line. I can't seem to get a screenshot to post so I've copied and pasted the entire code below for the sheet. Most of the sheet's mathematics are purely...
  10. D

    Add series to chart in VBA

    Hi, I cant find a solution to the following problem: I have a macro that creates a chart from data with one series "total". Its not the most efficient piece of code I guess but it does the job (if you have an idea how to shorten the code be by guest :-)). yy_total is my complete data range...
  11. T

    Game score not showing up in cell (2048 VBA)

    I'm working on a 3x3 version of the 2048 game and am having trouble displaying the score and highscore. The score is supposed to be equal to the new cell value if two cells have merged. Here is a sample of what I am working with (note 3x3 grid is "C4:E6"): ' Up button column C merging C5 into...
  12. G

    VBA Code Translator

    Hi Guys. I only understand basic vba code and have taken over a project at work which involves what I think is quite advanced vba. I just wondered if a kind expert had 15 minutes to in some way explain what each line basically does, then hopefully I will be able to work with it. Much...

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