1. F

    Run Macro using batch file

    I have a macro that I would like to run externally using a bat file. I would have done this using vbs but with the company policy it doesnt work. Here is my code below. I want the code to be run externally because in the coming months, I wont be the one to run the code and I would like to make...
  2. G

    excel vba find option

    hi i have a written a macro to search and find set of variables from one sheet( here give as reportsheet) with another (datasheet) and copy value next to it. search works fine if all the search items are in datasheet but if something is not available i want reportsheet cell(k,5)to have value...
  3. A

    Coloring Cells depending on Hourly Schedule Table

    Hi All, I am new to making macros with color conditions and I have been having trouble figuring out the logic to my code. I have a table with various rows of jobs with their start and end time on a given day and each of these jobs can pass through multiple machines which are also included in...
  4. K

    macro doesn't work

    Sub datatrasfer() Dim k As Integer Dim j As Integer Dim l As Integer Dim n As Integer Sheets("sheet6").Activate j = 1 k = j + 1 l = 9 n = l + 1 Do Until j = 15000 If Cells(j, 1).Value = "" And Cells(k, 1).Value <> "" Then Sheets(Sheet1).Cells(l, 19).Value =...
  5. gheyman

    Verifying Certain Cells have input

    I have code that I want to run only if several cells have data in it. E7 E9 E11 E13 E15 M7 M9 M11 M13 M15 I don't want it to do an If for each individual cell (If, then, If, Then....) I want to run the code and check these. If any are blank, stop the code and open UserForm5 Private Sub...
  6. gheyman

    Help with modifying this code

    Someone gave me this code and I am trying to use it in another workbook where the location of items are different. I modified most of it successfully. But its putting the results in Columns A and B I need it to put these values in R and S (its currently putting the results in the correct...
  7. S

    Another Application Defined or Object Defined Error

    Greetings, I am receiving an application or object defined error on the below line. h is a range variable, AC is a string, k and b are integers COM.Worksheets(AC).Range(h, h.End(xlToRight)).Select For Each ws In COM.Worksheets AC = ws.Name k = Cells(Rows.Count...
  8. P

    VBA to extract action and put it in another sheet when they are closed

    Hello, I need your help or someone from the community. I am trying since 4 hours to make it work in my case. Do you have an idea of what is wrong ? Sub TransferData() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim i As Integer Dim lr As Long lr = Range("A" &...
  9. M

    VBA Clear contents issue with Excel Mac 2016

    Hi all, I'm frustrated....I made one change to my code and now i'm getting whacky results The line below that is bold, underlined, italicized is the element that I added, and now my clear contents line is going from C7:T27 to C7:AW160 The step thru function doesn't seem to help me. Mac Excel...

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