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    Using Sheet.Cells Property with a Range

    Hell All, So I would like to look through a range of cells on a sheet to check if they have numbers in them. Basically it is a sheet with 4 columns (A through D). And 10 rows (2 through 11). I would like to loop through all four columns, and check that same row range for each column. The...
  2. L

    Pulling information into a custom report from another sheet automatically

    Here is my problem. I have a working schedule that has multiple categories and fields. From this schedule I will be printing several different types reports throughout the job. The schedule will be constantly updated. The report doesn’t have to be kept electronically but will need to be printed...
  3. P

    Selecting a Range using .Cells in VBA

    Hi MrExcel Community, I have a query about how to write sometyhing in VBE, As part of a larger Macro I need to be able to sum a range, although the columns and row references of this range are at the outset unknown. How I imagine doing this is.... WorksheetFunction.sum...

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