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    SumIf Array - Multiple search criteria, multiple sum columns

    Hey all, hoping someone can help me out. I have a table, where in column A I have different departments (middle market, retail, etc.), each broken out by either "Operational xx" / "Stable xx", or "Non-operational xx" / "Non-Stable xx" In columns E-P, I have a cash schedule broken out by...
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    MS Word - find and automatically underline certain words

    Hope there is an answer for this from someone. These forums have been great. I need a way to have a set of key words underlined automatically in a word document. HELP!!!!! :eeek:
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    Sorting Rows with the Same Word

    Is there any way to group rows with same words in a certain column? I have a document with 3000 rows, and I'd like the rows to be sorted by the same word in a column. So, for example, the cells in a column may look like this: A...

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