1. L

    Excel Certification

    Hi Is there any certificate exam I need to do to get only Excel certification? Do you recommend any? I googled and found MOS but that is for the whole Office suite. I need the certification for job reason. Thank you very much.
  2. S

    VBA Parse out the 3 digit numbers

    Good evening I have a pretty large data set. with certifications. I need to parse the numbers out (the 3 digit ones) <table class="tableizer-table"> <thead><tr class="tableizer-firstrow"><th>Certification</th></tr></thead><tbody> <tr><td>Intermediate Administrator (092)</td></tr>...
  3. J

    Vba function - search range for state of completion

    Hi, Hoping you can help out with this.. I'll try and explain it as best I can. I have a list of completed certifications which I'd like to map to an overall certification. In the example below, Jake has satisfied the all of the requirements and has been granted the overall certification...
  4. M

    How to return multiple match values from Selected Criteria

    I have two columns called "Job" and "Activity" - There can be multiple activities for one job (But they differ for each job) e.g. For Job X the Activity can be Certification, Assembly, Painting, etc. For EACH of the Numbered Items it can be Assembly, Inspection, Painting, etc. Is there a...
  5. B

    MOS Certification Specialist vs Expert

    Hi All, I have a general question regarding which certification should I take. Currently I'm unemployed and looking for a job as a Business Systems Analyst or similar title. I was thinking that I should show some certification on my resume and Excel (also Word) came to mind. First of...
  6. K

    [MOS] Microsoft Office Specialts Exam 77-420: Excel 2013 Help!!

    Hi everyone, Today i gave my MOS Exam 77-420 : Excel 2013. i scored 980/1000. overall the exam was easy. i got 100% in all objectives except 90% in 'Applying Formulas & Functions'. I know where i did wrong. But i still can't figure out how to solve that problem because of which i couldn't score...
  7. M

    VBA Macro Certificate

    Can anyone recommend a good place to earn a basic VBA Macro Certificate (preferably in a non-online class setting)? I’m an advanced Excel user who can basically use most functionally of Excel before crossing over into reading/writing in VBA. I’m considered the Excel guru at my company, but...
  8. B

    Excel Consultant

    Hi. I am looking at a possible slight career change to become an Excel Consultant. I have been a business analyst for the last 15 years using Excel as a tool quite extensively and I have a few questions. 1. How do I formalise my Excel skills so I can cover all functionality - MCAS a good...

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