change color

  1. U

    VBA Change Font Color Based on Value

    Hello All, I'm trying to write code that allows me to make negative numbers purple, positive numbers as orange and unchange as black. Basically, I need to reflect this for all sheets particularly Column L:N except for the tab sheetscalled "Results" and "Others". Colors for Change: Positive -...
  2. V

    VBA Sheet color change condition

    Hello everybody, I would like to change the colors of certain sheets, which meet this condition => If Left(cell, 1) = " " Or Right(cell, 1) = " " Then cell.Interior.Color = 65535 Sub Select_All_Cells_with_Data() Dim sht Set Rng = ActiveSheet.UsedRange Rng.Cells(1, 1).Select For i = 1 To...
  3. J

    Conditional formatting for changing column color if between more than 7 days and less than 10 days

    I am using formula in conditional formatting to highlight cells of date which is of lesser than 7 days of Today's date. =AND(E:E<TODAY(),E:E<(TODAY()-7)) I want a formula that it should highlight the color of dates which is of more than 7 days and and less than or equal to 10 days which will...
  4. E

    Conditionally Format for cells that do not contain....

    I'm looking to Conditionally Format a cell using a formula for another cell if it does not contain certain letters. Example: I need to conditionally format Cell B1 to be a certain color if Cell A1 does not contain "T","TC","M","MC","B", or "BC". So when I type in anything other than those...
  5. J

    change color event doesn't work in my macro code

    <tbody> 0 down vote favorite i want to make a macro that by any change in cells run automatically, so i write below code for my sheet <code> Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim KeyCells As Range Set KeyCells =...
  6. L

    Impact on Command Button via Cell Value and Check Box Combined

    Hello People, I have to solve this, I know answer can be time consuming but if you have time and nerves your help will be great. so, I have YesBOX ForceBox cell Value 'error' or 'OK' and a button 'execute' Conditions for button when cell value is 'OK' Button stays inactive but color...
  7. C

    Conditional Formatting Based on the Font Color of the Linked Cell

    I have been working really hard to make a spreadsheet super user-friendly for an office manager. The last thing I want to do, I can't seem to find when I Google it. What I have are 2 tabs: INPUT and LOGS. The INPUT tab is for doing just that: input the information and it will populate into the...
  8. K

    Changing Color and Text of a Cell Using a Form

    Hello, This is my first post into this forum. I am trying to follow the rules as best as I can. If I miss any, please let me know. Idea: I set up a range of cells to show a form when they are double clicked. This form gives the user the choice to pick a color and text from a list. When the...
  9. C

    Change cell color by single click

    I want to click on a cell and have the color change. There is a cell range I want this to be in and not the whole work sheet. I have some code which was given to me but doesn't include a range. and I want a different color but having a hard time finding the color codes. If I could have...
  10. M

    Macro Excel Change color based on referenced cell

    I found this place that has a macro button that does something similar to what I want to do. I am able to adjust everything to suite my file perfectly so far except one thing. I am trying to get the color change to be based off of another cell, not a set value...
  11. K

    Change color of current month only...

    Thank you for your help in the past! Step 1: In cell B1, my VBA puts the # of the current month using MONTH(TODAY()). This can change if you know a better way. Step 2: In column B2:B20, there are random 3 letter months B2 = FEB B3 = MAR B4 = AUG B5 = FEB B6 = DEC B7 = JAN B8 = AUG B9 = JAN etc...
  12. N

    Tab Color Choice From Form

    I am using an Excel Form, and trying to make the user choose a color for a new tab they are creating. I am currently forcing an input box to pop up when the user adds a new worksheet. The user inputs a name and a new box will pop up asking the user to select a color. I can get the color box to...

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