change named ranges

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    Change Range Names with VBA Macro.

    I am trying to change some range names on different sheets so I can do this faster than doing it manually. I have about 30 ranges for each sheet and they are all named Prop___ i.e. Prop1, Prop2, PropLAE1, PropSUB1... and I want to change them to CovA___. I need to do this for 5 different sheets...
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    Change name of named range across VBA code

    I've inherited some VBA code that makes use of named ranges in a shorthand way where "xTodaysPrice" is a named range of one cell: If iCol = [xTodaysPrice].Column Then...The name needs to be changed now to something else, e.g. "xAvgPrice". Besides using search/replace across the whole code is...
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    Add Suffix To All Named Ranges

    Hi, I've got two worksheets from different files i need to merge into one workbook....the problem being they both share a lot of the same named ranges (because I'm not very clever with my names). I'm wondering if there is a way anybody knows of to add a suffix to the end of all the named ranges...

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