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    how to create a control chart

    Hi, I've used trend lines to find the mean and average but for some reason I have not been able to set an upper and lower limit. without introducing a new column. Please do let me know if there's a way around this. Thanks
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    How to change an area chart series type

    I have a chart with three data series plotted on it. Series1 is a line, Series2 and Series3 are area chart series types. I have figured out how to change the forma/color of the line, but it is proving to be quite difficult for the area series. For the line I used...
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    Preventing chart colours to change when source data is changed - Excel 2003

    Hi, When I change the source data of a chart, the chart colours change automatically. Can anyone suggest how can this be prevented? (If the solution is in VBA, it is more than welcome) Thanks, Ankita
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    Charting help: Series colour from None to anything

    Hello everyone. I have a stacked bar chart with up to 8 series per category. I have (intentionally) made the 1st series bar format have no line and no fill, therefore making it invisible. I would like to retrieve this series but cannot select it so I can modify the format. Can anyone...
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    Scorecard pie, column and spot colour changes

    Folks I am trying to build a scorecard for my company. Unfortunately I have a legacy of Word for reporting and am using linked images at this stage to replace the previous manually updated word charts etc. My evil plan is to use Excel as a data source for all the various dots, charts, pie charts...

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