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    Excel VBA Copying Duplicate Charts into PPT

    I'm having a problem with my VBA script... I think.... I must be the code, I can't think of anything else I'm doing wrong. I've set up my code to copy specific charts into specific slides... however, this is not the case in Slides 2 & 3 is pastes correctly... then it pastes the chart...
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    going through multiple worksheets and copying all charts from them

    Hello experts, I have the code below that works well to export excel graphs onto powerpoint. But where I am stuck is that it only exports the graphs from the active worksheet. How can I make it cycle through all the whole workbook and then export the graphs sheet by sheet? Thanks Option...
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    Copy charts to a new instance of PowerePoint (Jon Poulter version)

    I have copied verbatim Jons code for: Opening a new instance of Powerpoint Copying all charts from a sheet to Powerpoint this involved placing one piece of code inside another like this, for the sake of clarity I have coloured the code inside and in bold shows where the code trips up Sub...
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    Updating Source Data in powerpoint charts

    Hello forum, I have charts in powerpoint which are linked to an excel workbook. When trying to change the source data using .SetSourceData, nothing happens. It works if I manually change the data range first, and then re run the code, but I may aswell set the source data manually each time...
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    Set Source Range of charts in powerpoint

    Hello forum, I have a macro written in excel vba that updates the source links of charts in powerpoint to another excel file. When running this, the source data uses the exact same range as in the previous spreadsheet (as expected). Old Workbook <tbody> A B C 1 Buyers Sellers 2 UK 23 12...
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    Chart Presentation

    Hi, I'm putting together a pack showing a companies performance year to date, it will essentially be a selection of full page charts and tables. Is anyone aware of any articles or suggestions as to how best to present this? Whether exporting to Powerpoint or Acrobat are better options etc...

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