check box multiple

  1. B

    Hide lines in Excel

    I am a rebar estimator, i have a workbook that contains a quote sheet, and a pricing sheet. i have multiple products, and i want to expand with more. I currently have my quote sheet setup to hide rows using a checkbox, the checkbox also gets hidden. There is a macro that resets the Hidden status...
  2. T

    Evaluation Score Card

    Hello, I am using check boxes to create a score card for a training activity. I have assigned each check box a value using the below formula, however I need to add to it in order to total all values for check boxes clicked on in a single row. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! My...
  3. G

    Check box output script

    Hi, Not sure if this can be done in excel or if I need to create some sort of special form but.... I am looking to create an output script based on ticking chackboxes in excel. The user would manually enter into a cell A3 an item code - lets call it 11111 They then use a button, probably a...
  4. J

    Checkbox-Listbox Functionality

    Hi all, I am working with a checkbox listbox and am having trouble with getting the concept I have planned out of my head and into Excel. The userform has a combobox listed at the top (w/ free-form text entry), followed by the listbox, and finally a command button at the bottom of the form...
  5. G

    Need design help with checkboxes and array of values

    My user form will have a series of Check Box Form Controls. They will be used for displaying results from a matrix (array) on a separate worksheet. The user will make a selection from a validated list. The list is a document category. For each category, there are several associated departments...
  6. E

    Macro Help Regarding Check Boxes

    Hello all! I am currently creating a spreadsheet (excel 2010) where I have 2 recorded macros that are assigned to 1 checkbox1 in M6. The checkbox when clicked moves C6:L6 from "Warehouse to Rig" tab to "Rig to Well" tab and deletes when unclicked. How can I create multiple check boxes like the...
  7. O

    Can't make visible/invisible values that repeat themselves in a dropdown list

    Hi guys. I have a problem and I'm dealing with it for a couple of days already. I have a pivot table that is made from 4 Row Labels. I'm trying to sort the data from this pivot table based on the data I have in a column called "In Analysis Date". My dropdown list looks like this: I'm trying to...
  8. H

    How to reference check-boxes to count them

    Hi all, Linked Post: Referencing Check-box I'm trying to count Ticked check-boxes, having used Form Control check-boxes: I've tried lots of different things, but I cannot correctly refer to the checkbox objects. Sub What2() Dim k As Integer, count As Integer For k = 1 To 24 If...
  9. A

    Check Box - Forced Validation

    I have a form I am working on that has multiple series of check boxes. Each series contains 4 check boxes. Example: Series 1 Check box 1 value associated = 1 Check box 2 value associated = 2 Check box 3 value associated = 3 Check box 4 value associated = 4 Series 2...
  10. A

    Macro code to circle items when checkbox is checked.

    I have several worksheets with pricing and checkboxes that when checked total the costs up automatically. I have a code that adds the checkboxes for me automatcally and also links them to the proper cell for the true and false at the same time. I've added conditional formatting to make the price...
  11. C

    Using check boxes to select multiple non continuous cells

    Hello all I've lurked here for some time and have seen many clever and varied solutions to problems posed. I'm hoping someone can give me an idea on this one. I've got a sheet with some 40 or so check boxes representing project requirements. I also have a list of ~200 text filled cells, each...

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