checkboxes on sheet

  1. blackorchids2002

    Excel Checkbox created from Label in the Control Toolbox

    Hi Masters, I'll be needing your help again... I have created Checkboxes using Label from the Control Toolbox because if I use the checkbox it cannot be resized if you will put it in the worksheet. I followed the instructions as per link below and was able to achieve what I need. In...
  2. T

    Linked Checkbox across two workbooks

    I have two workbooks (1 and 2) used as a Data gathering report builder and datadase on both sides. On each there is a Checkbox (A and B) (Active X) that is used for the same purpose (to back-date the schedule after midnight [12.00am] and then update the schedule each day after the production has...
  3. M

    reset checkbox with loop in VBA

    I have make a loop in VBA and use this for next : I have sheet 1 with data, this data need to be transfer to the second sheet 2 or sheet 3 (depend on language) sheet 2 (Dutch) and sheet 3 (French) are the same. I use on both sheets checkboxes. When i start the macro in VBA (with F8 - step...

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