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    VBA Run time error 13: Mismatch

    Hello, I am using the following subroutine and recently I have received a run time error stating type mismatch in regards to the line: Sep = Chr(9). I never had an issue with that line in the past. Any ideas? Sub DoTheImport() Dim shtName As String Dim Chr shtName = "Product " &...
  2. C

    Updating sparklines with VBA

    Excel 2010 i am attempting to update multiple sparklines with VBA for the first time. First, I recorded a macro and it returned the following usable code: Sub Macro1() Range("D9:G9").Select ActiveCell.SparklineGroups.Item(1).Modify Location:=Range( _ "$D$9,$E$9,$F$9,$G$9")...
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    KeyDown function not returning Ascii values for some key presses

    I have a routine here that uses KeyDown to get the value of a key press in a userform and use it for a wildcard search in a list box. I refining the code and making changes to accommodate my list and I have discovered that the KeyDown integer values don't always correspond to the ascii...
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    Removing hidden Chr within text, Chr63

    I am using Excel 2010 and cleaning up some data and I have two cells that appear the same but when I compare ActiveCell to ActiveCell.Offset(1,0) they do not match. When I broke it down I found the mid string that did not match and I got its value using SndChr = Asc(Mid(ActiveCell.Offset(1...
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    Need help with replace function in VBA

    Hi All, I'm working with a word table pasted into excel. The dashes in the word table paste into Excel (2003) as small boxes. I can use the find and replace function in Excel and in the Excel environment the replace function works. I recorded the replace function so I could develop the action...

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