1. M

    Range selection VBA

    Hi I'm trying to select a range in VBA (from cell A2 to M2 down to the bottom of the range of data), but the Sub is going to the bottom of column A instead of selecting the range. Can someone please clarify why? I used this code: Sub R1() Range("A2:m2").End(xlDown).Select End Sub
  2. H

    Please clarify me what is the meaning of "><=" in function Instr?

    I am learning about UDF. So I saw a code as below and I didn't understand operators "><=" in that code Chk = (InStr("><=", Left(FindStr, 1)) > 0) Can I help me to clarify it?
  3. P

    Finding the address of a matched cell with VBA

    Hey. I need to change the below cell code into VBA code. =ADDRESS($O$7;MATCH(K7;'3rd exercise'!3:3;0)) Just to clarify, I am trying to remove unnecessary cells from the worksheets, so all the cell references are already variables in the code, except for the '3rd exercise'!3:3 as it is a value...
  4. D


    Thanks for the patience over these questions. The answers really are helping me learn. Could someone please clarify why "Monthly is dim as string when the return is a value? Thanks. Dim Monthly as string Monthly = InputBox("Enter your monthly salary:")

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