1. zendog1960

    Changing cell values that are empty using formulas

    It's been a while since I las posted anything. I has trying something in excel but I am not sure if it's possible. Here's the problem: A1 is a blank cell. No formulas or anything. B1 let's say has a value of 1.33 In C1, I would like to create a formula that will if B1 is not blank, the make...
  2. V

    VBA to Connect to CA Clarity PPM

    Hi, I am trying to download resource names and hours for a specific project from CA Clarity PPM using Excel. I need the macro to access clarity PPM( using username and password and download resource details if login is correct. Any suggestions how this can be done using...
  3. D

    Making it clear what user may modify or spread formulas over

    We have a complex spreadsheet where it's not always clear which cells should be modified and which should never be touched in normal use. It's especially error-prone to have an area filled with formulas, but due to a few exceptional cases some cells have just a number or something else. Are...

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