1. A

    Max dates

    Hi Experts! I need to get the maximum DAY dates of the following clients Client Max day dates A 15 B C Here is the source data: CLIENT CATEGORY DATE RECEIVED A MEDICAL 7-NOV-19 A DENTAL 15-NOV-19 A VISION...
  2. A

    Get the Dates

    Hi Experts! I need to get the deadline of the following client: Client Deadlines A B C D E The source data looks like this: Deadline 10th-15th 16th-20th 21st-25th Blank ClientA ClientB ClientC Blank ClientD blank ClientE What...
  3. D

    needing formula to calculate fulfillment needed per day

    I'm a photographer needing help with determining how many images to edit per day in order to meet a deadline. The columns are as follows: D) Status - The status column indicates where the client currently sits in the workflow, such as "Scheduled", "Edit", "Reveal", etc. F) Due Date - The Due...
  4. T

    Grab rows if meets criteria, and put them in body of Outlook appointment.

    I have the vba worked out to create the appointment with no issues. Sub Makeapt() Dim warning warning = MsgBox("You are about to create Outlook appointments for " & ActiveCell.Value & " " & Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 10) & ". Is that right?", vbOKCancel) If warning = vbCancel Then Exit Sub Set...
  5. K

    Connecting to Oracle DB without oracle client

    Hi All, Kindly provide an example to connect oracle database without oracle client installed in system. TIA
  6. N

    VBA Code to insert the same data for many clients!!

    Hi, I have a userform with many controls, and below are some of them txtBarCode (TextBox) [where I insert the needed Item's Barcode] cmbNum (ComboBox) [(List from 1 to 8) to Identify the clients number] txt_Name1, txt_Name2 ...txt_Name8 (TextBox) [To insert the client names, (if cmbNum = 3...
  7. G

    cell change on another sheet

    Hi, I have a workbook with numerous worksheets ranging from 1 - 30. Sheet 1 contains stock levels for each item within column K Staff enter info on the specific client sheets (sheet 2 - 30) which then deducts the stock ordered from sheet 1. (ie so if a client on sheet 3 orders 10 units of an...
  8. J

    Problem handling a run-time 91

    '/////////////////////////////Variable Declaration////////////////////////////////////////////////// Dim masterData As Worksheet, console As Worksheet, inputCell As Range, firstNames As Range, lastName As Range, countWhichName As Range 'EZ refs for sheets/ranges Dim client As String...
  9. H

    Add new column to pivot table which calculates based on grand total

    Hi, I have a table of data that I turned into a pivot table. Here is an example of more or less the data I'm working with: <tbody> Date Type of movement Product A In Product A Out Unit Cost Unit Cost Client Selling Price Product A in Stock 10/11/19 A 20 3 100 10/3/19 B 10 2 Client A...
  10. H

    Column for subtraction of grand totals in pivot table - power query useful here?

    Hi, I have a table of data that I turned into a pivot table. Here is an example of more or less the data I'm working with: <tbody> Date Type of movement Product A In Product A Out Unit Cost Unit Cost Client Selling Price Product A in Stock 10/11/19 A 20 3 100 10/3/19 B 10 2 Client...
  11. M

    Unique by month management fee in a pivot table

    Hello everyone, I'm struggling with a problem on a pivot table. I have some data that looks like this <tbody> Date Month Management fee Client Billing amount 01/01/19 January 200 Client 1 500 01/01/19 January 250 Client 2 250 01/02/19 January 200 Client 1 560 01/02/19 January 250...
  12. D

    Can query Assign on-or off-quarter based on date value?

    I have a table which includes Column 1: Client Name Column 2: Project date (Must be last day of month) The unique ID is a combination of column A and Column B. So, there may be multiple instances of the same client with different project dates. I want to create a query that looks at the...
  13. J

    pulling data from one chart to another

    I have a list with similar content to this: <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2616;width:55pt" width="74"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:3669;width:77pt" width="103"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:1820;width:38pt"...
  14. N

    VLookUp ComboBox input to update TextBox values

    Hello, I have the code below to get the lookup amount of the selected client from sheet5, but I don't know what I did wrong since it's not showing the amount on the "txtTotal, can you please help me to get the amount of the selected client? Note: the Amounts on column "D" contains formulas...
  15. J

    Excel removing any edit history/track changes

    All, Is there anyway to make sure that a client cannot see any track changes/previous versions of an excel? I don't think track changes were on when the file was created but we want to make sure the edits/changes cannot be viewed by the client. Thanks, J
  16. N

    Update a combo box

    Hello, I have the following code on my userform "frmPOS" to check if any entered client name if exist or not, if so, get the ID and mobile to txtID and txtMobile If not, pop up msg that this is not exist and if I need to add a new client, if so, show the form "frmNewClient" and add new client...
  17. N

    linking combobox value with VLOOKUP to a textbox in userform

    Hello, I have a sheet "Clients" that contains all clients details as the table below and I have all these data as dynamic named range "Client_Details" "A2:D4" I have a userform with many text boxes and combo boxes, but what I need right now is: Once I choose a Client name in the combobox1...
  18. D

    Adding a name to a list if it doesn't exist

    I have a spreadsheet that is used to generate quotes for clients. The worksheet (npss_quote_sheet) is used to generate 1 quote for one client at a time. There is a table (npss_quote) that lists the services in the quote for the one client. Once all services have been entered, the quote is...
  19. M

    Result based on criteria fro 2 lists

    Please can someone advise me the best way to go around this scenario. To help ease calculations for a mileage report I want to put together. I am thinking I will have 2 lists that generate a result (you maybe able to advise a better way?) – a list of clients (going from) and a list of clients...
  20. M

    Maybe LOOKUP isn't the best function?

    Basically, you can see clients on the left and then different stages of the project next to it. These dates are manually entered. The "(IR)" is basically our internal review and has to get priority if it's in the same week as the same stage without "(IR)" Because it has to get priority I did a...

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