close application

  1. M

    VBA Closing External Application

    Hello, I have a macro designed to open an external application (non-microsoft), do a task, and I would like it to close after because it will be doing this in a loop and it could open 10+ windows. Is there a way to close an an application like Shell() to open? Thanks for the help! -MK
  2. MarkCBB

    Change to late binding and end MS PP

    Hi there VBA pros, I have received pieces of this code from a few places, including, and I have been able to thus far edit and adapted it to what I need. However there are a few things I have not been able to figure out. first, I want to change the code to late binding as it will...
  3. 2

    Close access after a period of inactivity

    Hello Friends I have dtabase in Access that many people share (I've created ACCDE for them). Every once in a while some one forgets to close it. Is there a way to program it to close there Access session after certain period of inactivity? Thanks Rajesh
  4. Jaafar Tribak

    Code to close and reopen Excel after a set time- Is it feasible ?

    I'm enquiring about this just out of intellectual curiosity . Any thoughts ? Regards.

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