closest match

  1. M

    First match two cells then find closes value to another value corresponding to another cell

    Hi Great people of excel users I have I problem I need some help solving, I have looked at some different ways to solve it, can't make it work. I want to be able to change the value in "kategory" to either a,b or c, and then the value I input underneath correspond to the closet value in that...
  2. J

    Find closest values

    Hi, I'm new to macros and can't find a good starting point for my problem. I want to loop through a row in a table looking for the 3 closest numbers (column D) to a value in a given cell (N5) and set the corresponding row to "yes" in column B. So if the 3 closest values is found in D3, D6 and...
  3. E

    unique closest match formula

    Hello! I have 2 columns of data; <tbody> Mile number Stop sign's mile number 111 150 123 159 151 160 152 160 165 171 176 178 </tbody> I'm wanting to create a formula which would show/count the closest match of the signs to the mile number. It would look like this...
  4. P

    Find the closest match (duration value) in Excel based on multiple criteria

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 My estimate My estimate My estimate 2 Runner Time Jane John Chris 3 Jane 1:40:00 1:41:00 1:39:50 1:43:00 =INDEX($C2:$E$2;MATCH(MIN(ABS(C3:E3-B3));ABS(C3:E3-B3);0)) 4 John 1:30:00 1:32:00 1:32:30 1:28:00 5 Chris 1:46:00 1:48:00 1:52:00 1:44:00 </tbody>...
  5. O

    Fins closest larger and smaller to and input number from another sheet and copy entire row

    I do not have any experience with VBA coding and I need your help to start learning. I have two different sheets, The first one include the input from the user and should get the output as well. The second sheet has all the data. The user should input two variables D and W in the first...
  6. J

    Closest in Range to 100%

    Hey guys, I am using this array formula to get the closest number, in a range, to 100% - =INDEX(B76:B79,MATCH(MIN(ABS(B76:B79-B74)),ABS(B76:B79-B74),0)) It works great. I was wondering if it is possible to make sure that it only returns values that are under 100%.
  7. J

    Help!!! Return Closest Match associated with duplicate IDs compared against start time for each day.

    The changes our building access system and I am trying to build a work around. Our overnight staff swipe in and out of the floor throughout their shift so there are multiple timestamps for each day. I am trying to find the swipe that closest matches their shift time to find late arrivals. I am...
  8. T

    Multi Criteria Index/Match to find nearest value

    Hi all, I need help with (what I'm sure is!) a basic Index/Match problem which I can't wrap my head around. I need to find the closest 'Fixed Value' (Column C) which relates to the list of 'Actual Values' (Column D) in column E. The other criteria here is that the value must come from the same...
  9. P

    Match two columns (one approximate) in excel and return a third

    Hello Excel experts! I consider myself an expert user of Excel but I really got stuck on this problem :confused: . I prefer a solution with built-in formulas but if that isn't possible a VBA solution is fine. I have one table (the Rating table) where I occasionally put in data that is event...
  10. M

    Multiple criteria and return of closest match

    Hello, Can someone help me to figure out a formula that find the closest match based on two criterias? I have two sets of data. The date has to match each other in both sets. The amount may match, but can differ within +/- 10. I want to find the match or the closest match. How can this be...
  11. C

    Looping Macro on find closest match

    Hello, I have modified some code I found in these forums that once I enter a value in a cell I can have it find the closest match to that value and scroll down the list and paste that value as an offset. The code works perfectly, but my data will often contain the same values repeated and these...
  12. A

    how to find 1st 2nd 3rd ......closest lower and higher value with refrence to specific cell

    DER MR EXCEL, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013:laugh: pls find TABLE BELOW (MY ACTUAL DATA IS HUGE ) my data is horizontal data L1 is the cell that i want to match with range a2:j2 my L1 VALUE IS =8 NOW I WANT FORMULA WHICH RETURNS NEAREST FIRST LOW VALUE TO L1(8), WHICH IS F2(7),THEN IN NEXT CELL I...
  13. L

    Lookup closest match in a limited/filtered list

    Dear all, in Excel 2003, I need to lookup the closest date match in a list, but only for the rows (records) that matches a specified cell. I have a list consisting of a column (A) with Birds_name, and a column with the Observation_date (B). I would like to find the closest match of the date...
  14. R

    formula for closest match

    hello guys, i am new in this site and i am mot sure if this has been asked before, here's my problem. The first column is the invoice number and the second column is the value of the invoice. A1200 2,525.25 A1250 4,234.21 A1750 3,135.22 C2150...

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