closing workbooks

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    Opening and closing multiple files

    Hello, I have a code that works great. The code opens all the files in a folder and compiles it to a table on my master spreadsheet. The problem I have is that when the program opens the files I have to click on update for each file because they all have link to a database. It's a lot of files...
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    Run Protect Macro on Close

    Excel 07. I have unprotect and protect macros that run when I click on two different buttons. Sometimes, the tech (end user) forgets to reprotect the workbook before closing it. How can I get the macro I already have (which protects 7 worksheets with different passwords) to run automatically...
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    VBA code to close inactive workbooks

    I tried to use Workbooks("Inactivebookname.xlsm").Close False and many variations thereof, but I simply cannot close this workbook when currently another workbook is active. I have no problem in closing an active workbook with ActiveWorkbook.Close Please Help. Thanks.

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