1. J

    VBA keeps closing BOTH workbooks (only 1 specified)

    Hi all - any help would be appreciated. I have VBA that loops through a tab on a 'master sheet', changing the club on the tab, and saves down as a separate file for that club. It repeats this for each club, saving the sheet and closing it down each time to return to the 'master sheet'. I have...
  2. D

    Need help with conditional formating in a calendar

    I want to highlight the days in the calendar that match the days on the event list. Right now I'm using formula: =MATCH(B5,$AC$4:$AC$39,0), it applies to =$B$5:$X$37. The problem is I can only highlight with one color. I want to use different colors for each location. (light green for...
  3. D

    Countifs formula

    Is it possible to make this "Golf Course Count Table" (on the right) without the "Day" cheater column? and just get the info from the "Date" column? <tbody>#DAE7F5[/URL] "] AC AD AE AF AG AH AI AJ AK AL AM AN 3 #548235[/URL] "]Date #548235[/URL] "]Day #548235[/URL] "]Time #548235[/URL]...
  4. F

    Dynamic images

    I have an excel file where in sheet1 column A there are club names and in column B their logos (images). In sheet2 at column A are people names and in column B their favourite club. I want to add in column C the logo of their favourite club dynamically. I know how to do this for a single cell...
  5. H

    Incorrect selection of listbox item on underlying userform.

    Hi All I have a form 'frmRiders' which has a Command Button to load another form, 'frmSelectClub' from which one can select the club, using a listbox, to which the rider belongs. The name of the club and the club id are each written to text boxes on the 'frmRiders' form and the...
  6. A

    Converting Data to Filterable format.

    I have a spreadsheet that is not in a usable format and need help rearranging it. It is currently formatted like the table below but with over 300 Kids and 20 clubs. This format has a lot of empty cells and its not easy to filter. <tbody> Name Club1 Club2 Club3 Club4 Club5 Kid1 Choice 1...
  7. R

    Collecting average values from multiple sheets with multiple conditions

    Hi all, I have multi-sheet excel file where each sheet represents one round of golf hole by hole. Sheet name = Round1 <tbody> <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Hole Mts Score App Club Dist 2 1 349 4 S 6i 158 3 2 480 5 H 7i 150 4 3 212 3 S 9i 122 </tbody> ... </tbody> Sheet name =...
  8. B

    Splitting excel sheets (Not copy paste data range) into separate workbooks with a certain name

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets that have a name in column AA3 which might match in 2 or more sheets. The macro needs to search these cells and club all sheets with a similar name in AA3 and then make a new workbook out of them using the same name. Please advise a solution.
  9. A

    How does an old XLW command / macro work?

    Hi everyone, I am currently running a children's Xmas tree in my workplace. the old Treasurer has resigned (in Jan 09) and has finally passed the Accounts spreadsheet over to me. It is an sheet that appears to have been developed many years ago and has the following attributes (used loosely)...

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