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    Private equity chart help!

    Hi guys, I need to create a chart that is often used in private equity valuation. Like this one: The basis for it is a clustered stacked chart, which I have figured out to do. However there are two additional features I am unable to implement. 1) I would like to connect the top of the first...
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    Excel 2003 Clustered Chart- 2 labels for x-axis

    <TBODY> Hi, I am trying to create a clustered bar chart in excel 2003, and I want to label each bar, with an overarching category label (4 categories, 2 bars/category). I have been able to to do ^^, but the chart is clustering "wrong"; instead of the two bars w/in the category being clustered...
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    Overlap-Separate columns in clustered and stacked bar graph

    I am using Excel 2007. I wanted to create a bar graph in which series A and B are stacked, and next to it there is a series C (imagine that A are women from the US, B are men from the US and C are HIV positive cases in the US). So what I am trying to do is some kind of combination of stacked bar...

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