code broke

  1. V

    Only three minor Changes in VBA Code

    want to make some changes in below code, need only 3 changes, help pls we have added the number in code where we need to change................. 1. Selection.AutoFill Destination:= it will select range E and last range of E will be till last filled data in D 2. range("E14:E1779").Select =...
  2. R

    VBasic - command buttons stopped working

    I have a Mastermind game sheet that uses many command buttons. After several YEARS(!), it suddenly stopped working. I'm using Excel 2010 at the office but the workbook is saved as Excel 97-2003 for compatibility with my home PC (this has worked fine for years). The buttons are all enabled and...
  3. H

    Opening new workbooks - vba catastrophe

    Dear all, First off, thank you in advance to anyone who posts an answer to this question - I really appreciate your help! I am using Excel 2010 to try and make a macro that will try and automate a rather tiresome process of creating many excel workbooks with certain information extracted from...
  4. W

    VBA Error Handling Tips?

    I am actually fairly new to VBA coding and is at the point where I am trying to learn how to debug a current program given to me by a coworker that I wish to understand and possibly improve to suit my needs. Public Sub Patient_Records() Dim FF As Long, strText As String, strFile As...
  5. H

    Delete Method of Range Failed... But it works?

    Hello, So... I've been working at this for quite a while. I think the code needs a closing statement for the for, but I'm not sure. When the error produces ".EntireRow.Delete" is highlighted; however, it still deleted the rows correctly. I'm trying to make this template neat, so it works, but...
  6. H

    Comparing Columns inserting message based off of difference

    Hello again! This community has been so helpful with my previous problems I've returned with another. This could be something simple; however, I can't seem to figure it out. I stole this code (off this site?) and I'm trying to re-work it to compare two columns based off of the position of...
  7. K

    How to split the last row of cells in one sheet and copy to another sheet's specific location?

    I have reviewed several similar topics and there is something I am definitely doing wrong. I have a worksheet called "ShipDtls" that contains data. I want the last row, columns 16 thru 20, data split (see link w/example: ) {link...
  8. J

    Vba code not working anymore

    Hey guys, i was using the below code to insert new column and combine two columns into the new column while adding some text between the inserts but went to run it today and all of the sudden its not working anymore, i tried playing around with it and using good ol' google to try and figure it...

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