code help

  1. C

    Automatic height adjustment of merged cells across worksheet

    Hi All I have looked a previous threads and not quite got there. I have a worksheet with various merged cell ( yes I have tried to avoid them but the text needs to be left justified so Centre across selection doesnt work) In the end I think I need some code to place into a worksheet which...
  2. J

    VBA Code for writing Userform data to the next available column

    Hi all, First time poster, thanks for having me. I've created an excel database that uses userforms to gather information from individuals. This userform information is then added into cells on a separate worksheet. The way that the information is being added on the worksheet is in rows. I...
  3. M

    Need VBA Code for Project Tracker

    Hi! Basically, I have an Excel sheet for project tracking and when a project is marked 'completed' I want it to automatically move to the "Closed" tab. I was able to get a code to work from a previous poster, but have no idea how to write my own so I can't edit it to fit my needs exactly...
  4. Sharid

    Search code help needed

    I have this piece of code that allows a customer record to be searched via surname and then it displays the name in a textbox. so if the customers name was John Smith I need to type in Smith and click the find button on the useform and it will display it as Smith John, the search bit is fine...
  5. N

    Unhiding a Specific Number of Worksheets Based On A Cell Value

    Hello everybody! :) I have been attempting to cobble together code from different forums for the past several hours to make a macro to unhide a specific number of worksheets based on a cell value, and have failed miserably thus far. To that end, I thought I would try appealing to you nice folks...
  6. C

    Help with Code: Append multiple Selections

    I have a workbook with 219 worksheets. The data I need from each resides in the same range (A53:O57). I cannot figure out what is wrong with the following code... <CODE> Sub SummurizeSheets() Dim ws As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheets("Summary").Activate For Each ws In...
  7. K

    Help with my code for userform dumping to multiple spreadsheets

    Hi, I have a userform, which currently works partially as needed (I have included the code for the form below) I need the form to also perform another task, I need it to send data to one more worksheet within the workbook. I am unsure how to handle this in the code to ensure information goes to...
  8. S

    VB Vlookup to a dynamic array

    I am attempting to use a Vlookup (application) is Visual basic. the intent is to populate a column by referencing a dynamic array on an other worksheet. Attached is the code that I am using. Any help would be beneficial. 'Import Past Actual Start...
  9. M

    How to code a 'Search Button'

    Hi, I was looking for some help in coding a search button. I need a single text box in which people can type a name and press go. I then need the data displayed in a user-form. already have the user form as it is the same format as the one I have created for data entry and the data returned...
  10. G

    User Form Check Boxes and Adv Filters

    Hi, could someone please help. I have created a userform with 6 check boxes and labels which relate to the content of columns D and P in a table. The user can select any combination of these check boxes. There are also 2 command buttons; one to Enter and one to Cancel. [x] London store...
  11. D

    Colour fill (Not Conditional Format)

    Good Day Ladies and Gents Please can you help with the following? Requirements: 1) Needs to be VBA as I'm looking to utilise the SumColor UDF and obviously CF won't allow this UDF to work. Note: Actual colours not important for basis of enquiry just use, Red, Blue, Green, i know how to...
  12. pedie

    Code to find every 2nd "" cell and delete by resizing (-21)

    Hi, I need a code to find every 2nd empty cell in range sheet2 ("B1:B3250"), with every second empty cell I want the code to resize (-21,0) 21 cell up including current blank cell and delete it. I want this execution to cont..till it reaches the last cell range that is B3250 Thanks for...

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