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    Can't open module windows in excel vba

    I have 4 macros in my ribbon, all located in my personal macro workbook. They are no longer running when I click the buttons. I get the error Macro may not be available or all macros may be disabled" I do have my macros enabled. When I open up the IDE I can see my modules under my personal...
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    HELP! Cannot right click in code window/IDE

    Hi All Flummoxed, I am! I can not right click all lines of my code in the code window. For example in the below partial extract (with no code running) I CAN right click the line UsrName = Environ("UserName") and get all the usual options. But if I right click Call...
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    Limited Code shown in developer window

    I have just joined this forum because I was having trouble with the formats for displaying my code in VBA My first problem was not being able to 'dock' windows - shown on this post and solution suggested by Marcelo Branco (thank you) Having...
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    Countif/sumproduct formula

    Hello, Yesterday I got some great help with a problem (see and I need some more today, please. I have a sheet with repeated dates for several months and I need to break out data by week and then by certain criteria. I can do 1...
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    Listbox Scroll

    I have a userform with a multiselect listbox the user seraches using a textbox. I am using the following code to do the search. the only problem is that the results appears at the bottom of the list and I want it to appear at the top. Private Sub TextBox1_Change() 'the change event runs...
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    Close All Open Code Windows

    Is there a way to close all open code windows without closing VBA? Is there a shortcut or a macro to accomplish this goal?

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