coefficient of variation

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    SAS coefficient of variation vs. Excel coefficient of variation

    Good day everyone! I just want to ask why is that the CV of SAS is different from the calculated CV of excel? for example, here is the data set: <tbody> DATA INPUT SLY FARM A Day 0 DAY 7 DAY 14 DAY 21 DAY 28...
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    Coefficient of Variance in Excel

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to calculate the coefficient of variation in excel but cant figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Stocks Expected Return Probability of Occurring -20% .20 -10% .25 25%...
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    How to include values from a serie within a given coefficient of variation

    Hi, I have a serie of values (cf. bellow) from which I want to sort as following: The coefficient of variation (CV) (=Stdev/mean) of this population should be 5% or bellow. As you might see from the whole population, the CV is higher than 5%. How can I keep the population the biggest...

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