1. B


    Good Afternoon Could someone explain (May be missing something) why the print to worksheet is in Column E <colgroup><col width="83" style="width: 62pt;"> <tbody> Sub SplitColA() Dim i& Dim Cola() As Variant Dim dict As Variant Set dict =...
  2. TheRogue

    Dynamic List from Table

    I have a table which lists types of soda & the quantities on hand. I'm trying to create a dynamic list that would put each one on a new row (skipping zero quantities). It would list each, the # of time specified & then move on to the next value. The result list for this table should look...
  3. S

    Collate data from Duplicates into new Column

    Hi was wondering if it was possible to collate all duplicate value into new column before colA colB 1 55 1 44 1 44 2 33 3 3 4 22 4 2 5 55 after would become colA column C 1 55,44 2...
  4. T

    index match vlookup hlookup date month dilemma

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to search a large sheet of data and then sum the values based on two criteria. For example I need to return the sum of colB for each Orange in colC in the month of "Jul" colA, IE 3 in this case. The month will be expressed MMM, but colA will be as below. Is this...
  5. J

    Find if value already exists on separate worksheet, regardless of format (number, text, etc.)

    Example: Worksheet2, ColA, is a list of User IDs that are created via a formula that combines data from other cells in the same worksheet. Worksheet2, ColA, is a list of IDs for existing account holders. What I did: I created a vlookup formula to confirm whether or not the new ID that is...
  6. S

    Ugly Worksheet - Need Index/Match

    This index/match works perfect: =INDEX(Plan!AR:AR,MATCH(A:A,Plan!AR:AR,0)+1,1) I am looking up a sku number in ColA that exists in ColAR, but it's always 1 row below ( hence the +1 ). Next one that doesn't work for me: I want to look up same exact sku(ColA) in ColAR, but then look for a...
  7. A

    Number data in a column based on its uniquness

    Hello Everyone, I think my question / problem is simple but since i am still learning I need your help. I have 2 columns (ColA,ColB) ColA = Random volume of rows with some data which repeats frequently. ColB= should pick up a sequential number 1,2,3,4 for every new data in ColA. If a data...
  8. O

    Find and replace from many columns

    Hello In sheet1 i have many columns with numbers like this ColA ColB ColC 123 321 123 111 123 555 444 333 222 In sheet2 i have one column with numbers like this ColA 123 222 444 222 I want to search sheet1 for all numbers in sheet2 and remove them from sheet1, Is that possible...
  9. M

    Find if Value Match between two column

    I have to sheet. Sheet1 with list of values in Column A Sheet 2 has Value range as below Sheet1: COLA 1 3 4 6 8 Sheet2 COLA COLB 1 2 3 7 How do I do vlookup which will tell me all matching and non matching values from Sheet 1 and sheet 2 on both side ?
  10. C

    Word Search VBA

    I have a pivot table that looks at supplier sales sorted descending on percent to total. Since suppliers have multiple vendor names, a particular supplier might show up as a different vendor in the pivot table. As you can see from a subset of the pivot below, Coca Cola shows up twice on the...
  11. S

    If Duplicate Copy

    I have names in Col(A) and data in col(B:R). No duplicates in Col(A). Col(B) are dates Col(E:K) have data from 2017 Col(L:R) have data from 2016 I import new data (for 2017) to Col(Z:AG) After processing new data, it's transfered to Col(A:K), last row + 1 Now I have many duplicates in Col(A) and...
  12. S

    Cell contents separated by dash"-"

    Hi, I have cell which contains C45-C90, I want it to split into multiple rows and fill in the form C45, C46,C47...C90 For example: <tbody> colA ColB C45-C50 0.6 C99-C101 0.5 </tbody> Expected Result <tbody> Col A Col B Col C C45 C45-C50 0.6 C46 0.6 C47 0.6 C48 0.6...
  13. Y

    formula on a mathematical problom

    Column A are number arranged in sequence, I need a formula than can be rolled down to show a sub-sequence like below <colgroup><col width="74" style="width:56pt"> <col width="72" style="width:54pt"> </colgroup><tbody> ColA ColB 1 1.1 1 1.2 2 2.1 3 3.1...

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