1. Z

    vb listing problem

    I have an If loop comparing values. I am trying to move data from sheet "clean18" to sheet "monthcompare" based on the criteria. Everything in the code works. there are no errors. I just can't get the data from "clean 18" to list in "monthcompare" correctly. I would like the "clean18" data to be...
  2. T

    XMLHTTP navigation and obtaining table.

    Hi all, The code below works fine in order to copy a table from a website into Excel. Sub GetData() Dim XMLPage As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 Dim HTMLDoc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocument Dim URL As String URL = ""...
  3. davewatson86

    vba adding items to combobox from large list with multiples

    Hello all i am trying to add all the unique values from my range with the below code. Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim sngLeft As Single Dim sngTop As Single Dim ColNum, i As Integer Dim Name, myString As String Dim strFound As Boolean Call ReturnPosition_CenterScreen(Me.Height...
  4. C

    Getting the formula in this For loop to include the current column(colnum)

    This code Dim X As Range Sheets("Budget").Select For i = colnum + 1 To 54 Cells(30, i).Value = Cells(30, i - 1).Value - Cells(18, i).Value If Cells(30, i) = 0 Then MsgBox "Balance is 0 at col " & i & " " & " and week " & Cells(2, i) Range(Cells(30, i...
  5. C

    Keeping a Public variable always available

    I have this Public colnum As Long Sub Callcolnum() colnum = Round((Date - DateValue("12/20/2017")) / 7, 0) MsgBox colnum End Sub in a modole renamed to COLNUMDECLARATIONCODE and this Private Sub Workbook_Open() Callcolnum at the beginning of ThisWorkbook code. Everything works fine - until...
  6. C

    Making a Public variable work as it should

    I'm trying to use this as a Public or Global variable colnum = Round((Date - DateValue("12/20/2017")) / 7, 0) I did this: Insert -> Module: Public colnum As Integer Function UpdateCorrectColumn() As Integer colnum = Round((Date - DateValue("12/20/2017")) / 7, 0) End Function Result: Run...
  7. K

    Move to the next blank cell

    I know this is a simple one but i can't get the correct syntax, this macro prints URLs from table from a webpage, the problem is each new table starts in Row 2, what i need is for the first table to start in Row 2 but an new tables should start at the end of the last table printed. I have used...
  8. K

    Url as text

    This is part of a code i use to download data from a webpage, what i would like to add is the ability to download urls as text so i can then use the urls separately. Sub ProcessHTMLPage(HTMLPage As MSHTML.HTMLDocument) Dim HTMLTable As MSHTML.IHTMLElement Dim HTMLTables As...
  9. H

    Why do I need an "& 1" here?

    Why does this code require the "& 1" in the conversion from column letter to number? Dim ColNum As Long Dim ColLet As String ColLet = InputBox("What is the column letter of the column you want to analyze?") ColNum = Range(ColLet & 1).Column MsgBox ColNum If I remove the & 1 I get an...
  10. C

    Picking HTML with VBA

    Is there a way to get just English from web HTML? I am looping through the children and it gets all the languages. How can I get HTMLTable and HTMLSeason to loop at the same time? Here is my code: For Each HTMLTable In HTMLTables For Each HTMLSeason In HTMLSeasons...
  11. C

    VBA to extract info from web HTML

    I'm trying to pull info from a website with VBA. With this code: Option Explicit Sub BrowseTVDBWithQueryStringAndXML() Dim XMLPage As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 Dim HTMLdoc As New MSHTML.HTMLDocument Cells.Select Selection.ClearContents XMLPage.Open "GET"...
  12. R

    VBA to replace negative values with zero's

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out the VBA to replace all negative values in a specific range, on a specific worksheet "MonteCarlo", Range "S3:AMD163". I have tried unsuccessfully couple of times with the following code: Amy help from a more seasoned VBA writer would be appreciated! Sub...
  13. B

    issue with inserting Columns

    Sub AddAColumn() Dim varUserInput As Variant Dim ColNum As Variant varUserInput = InputBox("Enter Column Number where you want to add a Column:", _ "What Column?") If varUserInput = "" Then Exit Sub ColNum = varUserInput Rows(ColNum & ":" & ColNum).Insert Shift:=xlDown Rows(ColNum...
  14. M

    Master Worksheet with command Button to update data

    I need to increment the column index in the summary sheet each time I run the code or click the command button. The Below code is able to do the job 1 time. When I click the command button the Date should be added in the header, then the result of each sheet (row by row). The result should look...
  15. R

    Column references in VBA

    Hi all - New to VBA and this forum. Hoping to find a quick answer to what is probably very basic. I am writing a macro that will loop through spreadsheets with a varying number of columns and rows. One of my needs is to find the minimum and maximum value in the active column based on an...
  16. C

    Would anyone know of a shorter way of doing this...

    ...maybe with a For loop that would not require repetitive statements with only two unique values that change [i.e., the Case is column number and the date] Dim d1 As Date colnum = Round((Date - DateValue("11/16/2016")) / 7, 0) Select Case colnum Case Is = 44 d1 = DateValue("9/17/2017")...

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