1. J

    extracting data from a string a characters

    I am trying to extract some data from a string of characters. In this example "Invoice: 07022018: 28680: 07/02/2018" I want to extract the 28680 that is between the second an third colons. How do I do that?
  2. K

    antiquated excel 2003

    3 columns A B C 18:00 19:05 65 (Minutes) Each column is military time and "C" is the total time elapsed in minutes. Is there there a way to automatically enter the colon and still have excel recognize the entry as time? Currently I format...
  3. R

    Enter time in m:ss.00 format with no colons

    Hi, I have a sheet where i enter lots of times in the format m:ss.00. I would like to be able to enter these times without the punctuation, i.e. mss00 but still display in format m:ss.00. I'm guessing there is a vba way of doing this (fingers crossed). Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Ross
  4. L

    format computer mac address

    I am scanning into Excel, computer mac addresses from a bar code. The addresses look like 23e643eea2a6 . I would like to have the addresses formatted to look like 23:e6:43:ee:a2:a6. How can this be done?
  5. eschiesser

    Help with entering Time Data

    Hi all. I need to enter elapsed time data manually into an excel spreadsheet. For example, on paper, I'm looking at this: 125:27:32 I would like to be able to enter this as follows: 1252732 Without colons, to save time. I've searched for many solutions before actually asking, and most of...

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