color cell based on color

  1. H

    Excel color formula

    I have below formula in one cell, lets take example A10 =VLOOKUP($A$2,'Port-3-Script'!$A$3:$DW$1992,95,FALSE) in above formula it copies value from cell CE from Port-3-Script, as 95th column is mentioned in formula Please help me in getting solution of below problem 1. I want along with values...
  2. M

    Speed up selected cell fill colour macro

    Hi all, I am unsuccessfully trying to speed up my un-highlight selected cells macro. I have been toying with the code to speed it up as if I mistakenly select an entire row it takes a long time to complete. But I am too useless and have failed to get it working correctly. I have also been...
  3. O

    Cells that automatically change color

    Hi ! I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have provided an image, so illustrate what I mean. As you will be able to see I have a column labelled PM - this column has the initials of project managers. When I enter the initials it will automatically fill in a color. This has been...
  4. L

    Copy the cell fill color to the adjacent call, VBA code HELP, "object required" error

    Hello, i use excell 2010 My conditional formatting so far will color code names e.g. all cells that say mike have a blue fill color.... no problem that was easy. But i need the cells to the left of my names column to have the same fill color, e.g. cell f2 is blue and says mike, and i want e2...
  5. J

    Excel VLookup and bringing Font Color

    I am using Excel VLookup function, but with the function I am getting the values only not the Font color of the cell from which the value is coming out. How to solve the issue ??
  6. K

    Formating cell color based on cell color

    I am trying to conditionally format a cell based on other conditional formatting in a range of cells. Ex. I would like cell E3 to be: Red if any cells (O3, T3, Y3, AD3, AI3, AN3, AS3) are Red IF NOT THEN Yellow if any cells (O3, T3, Y3, AD3, AI3, AN3, AS3) are Yellow IF NOT THEN Green if any...
  7. R

    Conditional Formatting: Changing Colour of Cell Based on Colour of Other Cells

    Greetings, I have successfully (with help from this board) been able to conditionally format cells based on their proximity to a due date (green, red, yellow). What my manager wants is if we get behind (and the cells turn red) but then we catch up again, if all of the cells can change to green...
  8. O

    Lighten cell .background with respect to other cell

    How would you Excel gurus do this? I set the background color of a cell to be of a certain color by using basic functionality in the "Home" tab. I now want the cell adjacent to it to be 10% lighter, and the next cell along to be 20% lighter, etc. So if the first cell is coloured a dark red...
  9. B

    Using traffic light drop down without changing text / value in cell

    Hiya, I would like to create a traffic light (Red amber green) so that i can monitor for whether things are on track for a deadline for major projects. ie. I wish to be able to select a drop down that says 'Late' under for example 01/11/2013, but all i want is for the box to turn red. and the...
  10. berty2000

    If cell is black color cell next to it black

    Hi guys Is it possible by conditional formatting or VBA code to check down a column in "B1:B300" and if any cells are black then color the cells next to it in column "C" and "D" black as well. :confused: Thanks in advance
  11. S

    Color a row if any cells of the same row is colored in grey

    Hello, I created a button to color selected cell(s). I would like to have a macro which does the following: Where do I apply the formula? The formula is first applied to the cell range "A1:Z1" (part of a row). Then, I would like to apply this formula to each row from "A15" to "A2189"...

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