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    Color formatting within a formula.

    Hello Guys, Need some help on this one. This is my formula =TEXT("3rd (E-L) / ","[Grey]#")&IF(MONTH($A$15)=12,10,5)&"th business day by 5 p.m." This is what it displays = 3rd (E-L) / 5th business day by 5 p.m. This is how i want it to display= 3rd (E-L) / 5th business day by 5 p.m. I want...
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    Cell color based on increasing or decreasing values in a column.

    I wonder if some one has a tip on how to solve this conditional type formatting problem. I want to color each cell based on if the value has increased or decreased from the value immediately below. If the value is following a trend the color will get darker, so based on the values of column B...
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    Hide/Unhide rows with specific colour format

    Hi there, Wonder if any one can help me with this issue, I have a spreadsheet with data which i need to divide between 3 people. So what I thought I should do is color format every row a different color. ex. Row 1 = Red Row 2 = Yellow Row 3 = Blue Row 4 = Red Row 5 = Yellow Row 6 = Blue etc...

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