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    VBA alternative to conditional formatting

    Hi all. I am working on a large data entry and reporting system in excel. Currently the area of drop down boxes covers 1.3 million cells and will probably end up double that. I was using excels inbuilt conditional formatting to grey out box's that are contain an "X" to improve the user...
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    Colour shapes when certain criteria is met on different excel tab

    Hello, I'm working on an excel and have two tabs: Tab 1: in tab one I've added a picture (total ownership with all differtent owners of a plot of land) and on top of this picture i've drawn freeform (shapes) corresponding with the different ownership positions on this entire plot (let's say...
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    Change pattern colour linked to content

    Not sure if someone has asked this before, if so I can not find it. I have a sheet that needs to be formatted for printing. The text in the file is a lookup form a different sheet. What I am trying to do is colour code thing ie if the cell is YEL and change colour to Yellow, BLU to Black and...
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    Add together Values in Coloured Cells

    Hi, I have had a look through some searches and I can't find any that have answered this question before so would appreciate it if someone could assist. I have a few cells on a sheet which will be coloured red. They won't always be the same cell references, but they will always be the same...

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