colour coding

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    Getting freeform shapes to change colour corresponding to values in cells

    Complicated one which is why I am struggling and cant seem to get other suggesstions on this topic to work. Situation I have a map of the UK split into 36 zones displayed by 36 freeform shapes on my worksheet. I have a list of 14 teams in a table next to the image to which the zones will be...
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    Tickbox and highlight cells

    Hi, I'm trying to create an excel sheet where if I check the tick box to show it's been paid, it would highlight all the cells in the row once ticked; so once that box is checked, everything turns red rather than having to select all the cells and change the colour manually. Many thanks in...
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    comboBox colour change depending on selection

    I am using excel 2007 and i want to change the background colour of a combBox(Active control) depending on what is selected. So I have a simple Yes/No selection that is blank to start off with. When it is blank i want the colour to be default, but when you choose Yes i want the backgroung to...
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    Background colour of drop down list.

    I have several drop down lists on an excel 2007 worksheet. Is there any way to set the background colour of the box so it is not black text on white background, but black text on for example a grey background? The colours do not need to change, just be set once on this particular sheet. Any...
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    Colour Coding

    Hi I have a list of 20 items in a table with codes, configurations, pallet types and lane capacity, i'm using the vlookup formula to insert the codes etc. when i select the items. However i would like to have the items colour coded automatically when i select them. How do i do this?

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