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  1. E

    Using macros to create a sheet for each unique value in a list.

    I have a list of over 500 entries by customer name and I want to be able to create a sheet for each unique customer using macros. Is there a way to do this and to name each sheet based on the customer as well? I am new to VBA but I tried using two separate strings of code (one to sort through...
  2. S

    Combine two records into one based on a different tab

    Hello, I'm in the process of expanding on a macro to look at customer ID and the product name they ordered. If they ordered a set of a particular product then it will combine both product name into one and delete the oldest record. I have created another tab that combines the product...
  3. J

    Locating a cell in a row with a specific name

    Team, I am trying to use an excel spread sheet copied into a Sheet in excel to input information. Example: Sheet 1 Cell A2(in cell A2 =desired number) I want information to be filled with units sold by Location1. The location information will be in Sheet 3. The difficult thing is the...
  4. Willem!

    Get the column-name/row-number from a named cell

    Hi! Is there a way to find the colum-name and the row-number from a named cell? I know that I can get the complete address using: Sheet1.Range("some_named_cell").Address Answer (e.g.): $A$1 I want to seperately get 'A' and '1' (in VBA). Is this possible? TIA, Willem!

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