column as number

  1. J

    How to count only numbers in column

    Dear All; i am facing some problem in counting the numbers actually i have one column and it contain thousands of data both in numbers and in strings/ alphabets. can anyone help me in this regard how i can count only numbers out of it....
  2. O

    Reference a Column Number in a Range

    Thanks to all who attempt to assist. Will give feedback on solutions. Why I am I getting a "Run-time error '1004'. Application-defined or object-defined error on the following line: Sheets("Template.Line.Item.Data").Range(Cells(2, 13) & Cells(LastRow, i)).Formula = _...
  3. R

    Using a column number in a Hlookup formula

    Hi I have a problem trying to use a column number in the formula below. HLOOKUP(N1,A1:A&INDIRECT(Q1),2) There is a column number that will appear in cell Q1 and I want the lookup range to work based on that, for example if there was an 8 in cell Q1, then Excel would read the Hlookup as...
  4. bobkap

    ID Column Number

    In the code below, I'm trying to find the NUMBER of the column where "coursecol" is located. Presently, my formula returns a text string such as "BLS Class". But, so I can use coursecol in a Vlookup which would identify the column number, I need the number of the cell location as we use when...

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