column conversion

  1. GatitoMeow

    CSV Import to Excel not consistent

    I download data from a website as CSV file. When I open the data in excel, it automatically parses it into columns. My colleague who also has Excel 2013 opens the file and it shows up as one cell per row and if he tries to manually convert text into columns, he doesn't always get consistent...
  2. D

    Need list of cell #s to match Cell content

    I cannot figure out how to make a proper formula for this issue.... In Columns A-M, I have of various numbers and text. In Column N I have a list of unordered cell numbers (B20, E12, L60, etc.). I want to make a formula for column O that will display the data associated with each of those cell...
  3. Q

    dissimilation of data from a column to multiple column

    Hi, I apologize for the vague subject as i was unsure about what to do, i have lots and lots of data in single column, which is as follow Menu item Name menu item price menu description all three variable are in the single column and one above each other and i have a very long column about 5000...
  4. S

    From Column to Row

    I have a lot of Number's like this , 1 column after column. 12.00 80.00 95.00 25.00 I want to make it like this Row after Row 12.00 80.00 95.00 25.00 Thanks in advance for your help
  5. M

    help: converting data from column to row

    Hi, I want to analyse bibliographical data with excel and I need to split up data from one cell (author names, seperated by semicolon) and then convert it into new rows. Then I have to populate the data from the other cells to the new rows. Here is a screenshot of the data: ...and this is...
  6. A

    Formula/Function: Group of Cell Values = Name

    Hello, Excel Friends. My obstacle may not have a fix, but I must ask. I have a column that has file nos. for matters (e.g., 0B-040300US). The seventh character of the file no. identifies the family it belongs to. For instance, all the following matters (0B-040300US, 0B-040301US, and...
  7. khawarameer

    Data Arrangement from Table to Two Columns

    Hello All, I am trying to generate a league schedule. I have drawn a tablet of all matches which will by played but i am unable to convert that chart into columns. Kindly give a formula that will convert that charge into columns. <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 699pt;"...

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