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    Adjustable Transparency VBA by Column

    So here are the basics: I am working on a large coordination/ scheduling document and want the ability to write a code that would turn certain columns (to be specified in the code by both ranges and single column references) transparent to a certain degree (again specified by code) This...
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    Formula Help!!!!

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with this issue. 1 sheet has all of my data. The other sheets have a custom template. I am trying to get Excel to populate a cell based on certain criteria. I have the formula.... =IF(AND( Data!B40>=DATE(2011,3,1), Data!B40<=DATE(2011,3,31)),Data!B40,"")...
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    Moving cells around in a worksheet

    I have a worksheet with the word "Provider:" in column C that appears in ramdon rows. I need to move the contains of the cell in column D that follows the word "Provider:" in column C. I need to move it column B and down one row. Appreciate any assistance!
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    Insert Column with heading "Detail" and autofill with date and workbook file name until last row

    Hi, I'm trying to find the commands to create a column with the heading "Detail" and then autofill the rows below to say "List Upload-"filename"_"current month & year". For example, let's say I'm working with a file named 'ExecutiveManagers.csv' in March 2011, how can I create a column that...
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    Use VBA to find column and replace data?

    How do I use VBA to find a field name (Column header?) and then replace its data (row 2 to the end of the table) using a Vlookup table. I already have the lookup table built. Column names and table lenght are not always the same. Thank you. Alex
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    Pivot Table Repeat Row Names

    Hi again, I was wondering if there is any way to create a pivot table so that it repeats the row name rather than leaving blank space. As an example: If I make a pivot table and A is divided in to 3 subsections, the pivot table looks like A in a box, with 1,2,3 next to that box, with A listed...
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    Check if forfields present in pivot table, then remove

    Hi guys I've got a pivot table setup. The user can then play around with it i.e. drag and drop page fields into rowfields and columnfields and vice versa. Now I want to write a macro that checks if there are any rowfields or column fields present in the pivot table, and if so then relocate...

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